Muslims abduct three tourists, including 2 Canadians, from southern Philippines resort

MANILA – Two Canadian tourists, a Norwegian resort manager and a Filipino woman have been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen from a popular resort island in the southern Philippines, the army said on Tuesday.

Philippines army Captain Alberto Caber said the four were taken at gunpoint during a raid late on Monday night on the Oceanview resort on Samal island, near Davao City, the largest city on Mindanao island in the restive southern Philippines.

Military and police officials were surprised by the latest attack, which came as a reminder of volatile security in the south despite recent peace initiatives with Islamist rebels.

  • terrence

    Do NOT go anywhere NEAR a country that has many, if any, mooslimes. They always do what the vile koran tells them to do (surprise, Surprise).

    • Norman_In_New_York

      At this point, I would avoid Mindanao (except for the north coast) and the islands to the southwest. Everywhere else in the Philippines is Christian and safe.

      • terrence

        Good to know, thanks for posting that info

  • Islamic theology is the problem.

    Leftists want to tell your it is a result of Western imperialism.

    What’s the excuse for Muslim violence in the Philippines?

  • Micky C.

    Last I saw on the news were that the kidnappers were commies. New info on this incident?