Mosul’s Vigilante Brigades Risk It All To Take On IS

their identities are secret. They work after sundown, preferring deserted areas of the city. No one knows where they will strike next. They target different neighborhoods each time.

Their mission is simple: to kill Islamic State (IS) militants.

Their targets never vary, but their methods do. Sometimes they use snipers to take out a militant. Sometimes they plant roadside bombs and blow up cars. Sometimes they stab their victims, sometimes strangle them.

  • Ed

    “Every so often we hear about the killing of one or two IS guys,” says Ahmad Ghanim, a Mosul resident whose name has been changed for security reasons.”

    That’s an interesting journalistic technique!!! Way better than “…says a Mosul resident.”

    • Heh;)

      • Ed

        Changed from what I wonder?

        “MMMMMM… searching for a syllablle… MMMM…big O…”

      • African

        They are doing a good job. They only way to defeat the terrorists is to really TERRORIZE THE TERRORISTS!

    • Sweet_binky

      His real name is Minahg Damha. (They’re not particularly creative at the fake name thing a Radio Free Europe. 😉 )

  • Sweet_binky

    In 10 years this is how we all will be operating here in Canada against the Canadian version of ISIS.

  • infedel

    Just ban islam, forcefully strip citizenship, deport, and glass….see peace on earth good will towards all.

  • It’s not like anyone else cares to liquidate ISIS.