Is the Pope’s Dream Our Totalitarian Nightmare?

The world press is in high gear for Pope Francis’s visit to Cuba and the United States this week. Recently, the Pope has stirred up a stew mixing world poverty, the evils of capitalism and global warming into an elaborate narrative that is likely to keep journalists awake for weeks to come…

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  • Dana Garcia

    The press is going nuts over the guy, fawning all over him as the People’s Pope etc ad nauseum. You would think America was a catholic country.

    Francis is a meddling pest, here mainly to stir the pot of immigration, promote open borders and tell the illegal aliens that they are loved by the c-church.

    • Not the Pope we need.

      • Clausewitz

        I never believed in the anti-Christ, but between this Pope and the Bamster, I’m starting to waver.

        • Dana Garcia

          Islam convinced me of Satan, so I can hang with that.

    • Obama is opening the borders, not him.

      People are more furious with this “meddling pest” than with an Islamist.

      • DVult

        Curious that you can mouth off about Catholics all you want, burn bibles, immerse crucifixes in urine and decorate a picture of the Virgin Mary with dung but if you utter a peep about a puslum with a fake suitcase bomb everyone is jumping around all over the place objecting.

        • Well, that’s because it’s acceptable.

          • Justin St.Denis

            And in the case of Pope Francis, it is deserved. I know many devout Catholics who are alarmed by Francis’ “meddlesome pest” side and wish he would STFU and stick to Church affairs.

          • DVult

            Anybody who believes in global warming is an idiot. So unfortunately the present Pope falls into that category.

          • Even if he did, no one would notice.

            Do you know how many idiotic comments I’ve waded through that are nothing more than bigotry thinly disguised? Every once in a while, someone might say something that sounds like a reasonable criticism of Pope Francis’ words (words that they’ve read in the usual rags). They attacked Pope Benedict, too, and he’s the one who fried the Muslims.

  • Clink9

    The Lazy Of The World Unite!

  • The Butterfly

    Thomas Sowell gave the pope a well-deserved smackdown in his column this morning.

  • Censored_EG

    This pope is a political pansie-ass masquerading as a Roman Catholic Pontiff. The tree of Rome must fall. (Edit: not an endorsement of the KKK, but I do like the sentiment of this cartoon as it applies to the current Marxist occupying the See of Rome.)

    • You used this to make a statement. That statement is now invalid.

      • Censored_EG

        Please explain. After my last Tom Collins on this hot late September afternoon, I cannot follow.

        • I didn’t realise you were that drunk.


          Anyway, would you use a similar picture to attack affirmative action?

          • Censored_EG

            I wasn’t drunk and was merely being sarcastic. As it turns out, the Catholic Church needs a real pope and I clearly overstated my case. Question: who will damage which more? Will Obama damage the USA more after his eight years, or will this “pope” damage the church beyond repair before his papacy is over?

            Re: affirmative action, I don’t believe in it at all. I think affirmative action privileges groups over individuals and is all about political correctness. People of all ability levels will then despise the institution that allows in the non-deserving for reasons other than ability and merit. In other words, yes, I would use a similar poster.

            ( )

          • If you’re going to criticise something, fine. You used utter sludge to do it. How does that make your criticism valid?

          • Censored_EG

            Did you read the above, Osumashi? I was simply too damn lazy to replace the cartoon, and furthermore only noticed the “KKK” reference after it was posted. In any case, I will take better care not to use “utter sludge” in the future to do so. Noted.

          • Read it. Don’t care.

          • Censored_EG

            Maybe you’re enough of a politically correct tightass to police my cartoon. F*** you, you self righteous little shite.

          • You mad, bro?

          • Why? You just called me an @$$hole.

          • Censored_EG

            Please explain why you don’t care. For a person with the enormous quantity of time on your hands that you have – 20,000 comments+ on a variety of websites – I should think you care a great deal.

          • I do. I have a lot to say.

          • Underline it until you go purple. That doesn’t change anything.

          • Censored_EG

            Maybe, just maybe, you’re upset a Marxist joker is the pope and you’re a disgruntled Roman Catholic? In any case, I clearly initially explained the cartoon with a caveat that I do not support the KKK. Perhaps that’s just not good enough for a moral prude ass*ole like you. I forgot why I stopped reading this blog… Oh yeah, remember now! A**holes like you.

          • Oh, please….

  • simus1

    Pope Evita seems to be under the impression that he can spout 10 mutually opposed varieties of nonsense at 10 different stops in each of 10 different countries and no one in the MSM will call his bluff.
    On second thought ………………….

    • Justin St.Denis

      I’ve noticed that as well. Time was, the most dangerous place in Earth was some Middle Eastern hellhole. Nowadays, it is the space between Pope Francis and the TV cameras.

      BTW, I thought the “Pope Evita” thing was a funny – and scarily valid – point you scored.

  • SDMatt

    He will not confront Castro about the imprisonment of Cuban people and after he leaves they will still be under the thumb of that totalitarian state, making him complicit in their misery. But he will bash the world’s bastions of freedom, delighting the barking seals that make up the world’s press corps.

    • DVult

      Whatever he says they will report that he has said what they want him to say so who knows what he actually did say.