Flooding the Nation with ‘Syrian Refugees’: American Lives Matter

The serially dishonest administration, represented abysmally by Haute Moron Secretary of State, John Kerry, has haughtily announced that for FY 2016, starting October 1, the administration is raising the refugee cap from its previous 70,000 to 85,000, this year, and up to 100,000 next year, all to make room for Syrian “refugees.” Two weeks ago he told members of Congress the administration wanted to bring in 10,000 Syrians. Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley responded with a letter asking Kerry to clarify.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Is Obama commandeering cruise ships to get them here?

  • simus1

    Emperor Barry requires trusted experienced fellow muslims who can quickly get his promised “Peoples Militia” up and running with minimum delay.

  • NoPasaran

    I just got back from Beirut yesterday. These people you see on TV aren’t “refugees” – they’re migrants, and only about 1/5th of them are actually from Syria.

    The real refugees who need the world’s sympathy are living in camps or are the ones i’ve seen living in the streets and alleyways in Beirut: children with dirty faces, mothers who are outright helpless lacking the means to care for them, men wearing whatever articles of clothes they can find, but still rags.

    These people you see on TV do not deserve your sympathy, but rather your disdain. They are the ones with resources. They are callously abandoning their fellow countrymen who are in great need.

  • tom_billesley

    EU Götterdämmerung.
    Migrant crisis: EU ministers approve disputed quota plan

    • Justin St.Denis

      Hungary and Poland will, for sure, tell them to go fuck themselves. I suspect Slovakia will stand fast as well. The Czechs may cave.