What REALLY happened to Dubai’s Sheikh Rashid? Claims of cocaine, sex parties & ‘roid rage’ killing before he died at 33

He was the eldest son of Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – a handsome royal playboy with a glittering future ahead of him.

But on Saturday, 33-year-old Sheikh Rashid was laid to rest after apparently dying of a heart attack at home on Friday.

Now, Daily Mail Online can reveal that the untimely death of Sheikh Rashid has left many questions unanswered – in particular what caused an apparently healthy man to die at such a young age.

  • ellake

    Some people are saying that he died in Yemen. Myself, I doubt it.

  • Good riddance to bad rubbish, anyway.

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  • tom_billesley

    An autopsy wouldn’t have been convenient.

  • mauser 98

    plane loads of prostitutes & Remy Martin, millions lost in casinos ,abandon the Ferrari’s when out of gas

  • Hard Little Machine

    It wuz the Jews what did it

  • John