Harper asks ‘what planet’ Trudeau was on after F-35s plan announced #elxn42

OTTAWA – The politics of military procurement preoccupied the federal leaders today as they fired rhetorical missiles at each other over the future of Canada’s ill-fated attempt to buy new fighter jets.

Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair both blasted Justin Trudeau for announcing yesterday that he would scrap the multibillion-dollar purchase of F-35 stealth fighters to replace the current aging fleet of CF-18s.

The Conservative and NDP leaders both said it showed a lack of judgment by the Liberal leader.

Harper questioned “what planet” Trudeau was living on, while Mulcair said Trudeau was pre-judging the public tendering process.

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TORONTO — Liberal party Leader Justin Trudeau is defending his plan to scrap the procurement of F-35 fighter jets as questions swirl over whether such a decision would be costly.

Trudeau was asked Monday while in Toronto whether he could commit to Canadians that cancelling the procurement would not result in extra costs.


This is a perfect example of just how stupid Justin is.