Harper asks ‘what planet’ Trudeau was on after F-35s plan announced #elxn42

OTTAWA – The politics of military procurement preoccupied the federal leaders today as they fired rhetorical missiles at each other over the future of Canada’s ill-fated attempt to buy new fighter jets.

Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair both blasted Justin Trudeau for announcing yesterday that he would scrap the multibillion-dollar purchase of F-35 stealth fighters to replace the current aging fleet of CF-18s.

The Conservative and NDP leaders both said it showed a lack of judgment by the Liberal leader.

Harper questioned “what planet” Trudeau was living on, while Mulcair said Trudeau was pre-judging the public tendering process.

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TORONTO — Liberal party Leader Justin Trudeau is defending his plan to scrap the procurement of F-35 fighter jets as questions swirl over whether such a decision would be costly.

Trudeau was asked Monday while in Toronto whether he could commit to Canadians that cancelling the procurement would not result in extra costs.


This is a perfect example of just how stupid Justin is.

  • Clink9

    Little Lord Turdo Of Sussex must forget to breath sometimes.

    Why are cursed with such assholery?

    • The Liberal Party has made another mistake. That’s the good news.

    • Clausewitz

      He can’t even think up something new. Remember the new helicopters the Forces were asking for. Liberals gain power and immediately canceled the contract because it wasn’t handed to some of their friends in Quebec. To this day we’re still using the dropping helo’s that were obsolete 30 years ago.

    • Regina Ridley

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  • DD_Austin

    Dofus may be right, for all the wrong reasons

    The F-35 is a mult country, multi task sleath bomber with long range attack abilities
    We’re buying F-35 as a NATO partner, same equipment for everyone, manufactured by everyone, bureaucratic heaven … I’d rather not shoot the entire wad on new, expensive and untested equipment

    But do we need these abilities en mass, do we need them now? Who are we going to fight Russia, China or ISIS? If it’s russia/china then the F-35*, If it’s ISIS then Ospreys or Apaches or self-propelled howitzers, whatever the men doing the job want, not what politicans want should come first.

    And lastly, things that do everything….usually do everything badly.

    • Clink9

      But he says this crap without doing any homework. He’s like some Buzz Lightyear pull string toy on most subjects.

      • Clausewitz

        Funny thing is that this would kill Canada’s Aero/Space industry which is primarily based around Montreal. Keep yelling loud and long there pony, it seems you have a political death wish.

      • DD_Austin

        I did call him “Dofus” and you pegged it he is a see and say.
        That is also the main reason the liberal elite picked him for their “Leader” and it’s also the main reason they want him for our

        Robbing the candy store would never be so easy with Dustbin
        on guard for thee

  • pike bishop

    The most likely use for them will be to shoot down civilian airliners over our own country when the wheel house has been commandeered.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Trudeau has been trying to figure that one out for years.

  • RonG

    He’s right. We could get two saab gripens for the price of one f35, and they both would have lower operating cost than that one f35. I don’t understand why the conservatives are so attached to such a failure ridden, overpriced, under-performing, and SLOW pos.

    • DD_Austin


  • bob e

    not entirely sold on f-35’s ..