Omani Cleric Salim Bin Khalfan Al-Rashidi: The Jews and Christians Spread Fornication and AIDS

h/t Marvin

  • Martin B

    Pederasts like Yasser Arafat buttfucking boys have nothing to do with it.

    • Regina Ridley

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  • DMB
  • Ed

    This idiot who needs a cloth around his head to keep what remains of a brain “in…”

    Could he explain how his people are the worlds largest viewers of porn, as confirmed by google search patterns worldwide?

    • Ed

      Islam evidently simultaneously allows you to become a porn addict, and assign the blame for it on others. Always the victim. It’s interesting to contrast Christian sermons with Islamic ones. In Christianity, the faithful are rebuked for their waywardness. In Islam, the faithful are told that any misdoings among them is the fault of others. Always others.

    • ntt1

      That’s a diaper and is deployed for the same hazards shit for brains

  • Yes. The liberal westerners and gay westerners do that. But so what?

  • Allan

    Vids showing Muslims fucking donkeys have nothing to do with it either. lol I’m pretty sure that the word “hypocrisy” is NOT in any lexicon of the Arabic language. It appears to be a totally unknown idea.

    • Minicapt

      “Hypocrisy” is Greek to the Arabs.


      • Exile1981


  • ntt1

    Arafat died of AIDS gifted him by his Turkish bodygard

  • Alain

    Whatever. The truth remains that Muslims are the ones who rape both male and female, including small children, along with killing all they disagree with (non Muslims especially), as opposed to Christians and Jews. Nor do they have a problem with sodomy as long as they are on the giving end and not the receiving end. Still I know one can never expect logic or truth from these barbarians.

  • Is he one of the idiots who claimed that God punished people for Christmas (which apparently is a high time for fornication – who knew?)?

    • Exile1981

      Office christmas parties and alcohol seem to equal august / september babies. Every company i ever worked had a baby boom9 months after the christmas party.

    • Minicapt

      Unlike Ramadan, when no ramming is permitted.


  • Blacksmith

    Rape obsessed pisslamist is where I go for the truth about Jews and Christians and their tenets of faith…….