Karl Marx’s Revenge: The Frankfurt School won, even though communism lost

Want to know why conservatives face more than an uphill struggle these days?

A lot of it has to do with the insidious and pervasive influence of the Frankfurt School, a group of German thinkers whose nutty Marxist ideas have thoroughly infested academia, politics and popular culture.

  • FactsWillOut

    Columbia U was their “IN” in the US.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The worst part is that they were brought over to save them from Hitler’s anti-Jewish pogrom.
    They were the ultimate cultural cuckoo.

    • Waffle

      No, the worst part is that we have raised 2 generations of marxists and are about to inflict a 3rd generation on our societies. Who do you think the SJWs are? Why do you think you are blessed with Obama on your side of the 49th? Why do you think that so many people up here actually believe Tommy the Commie and Wynne’s lies? Why do you think the teacher, the nurses and the silly servants are unionized?

      Why do you think that Stephen Harper is gray and tired-looking?

      Just so you know (and I’m probably repeating myself), I despise P.E,T. for what he did to this country, although the seeds of destruction pre-dated him. He is not blameless — he gave us one big push to the left and to totalitarianism.