In CTV interview, Justin proves he’s a tax and spend Liberal #elxn42

Trudeau went to Atlantic Canada for a series of announcements and stopped in for an interview with CTV’s Steve Murphy.

  • Alain

    Tax and spend is all the Liberals know. As for the man-child he once again demonstrated what an absolutely empty suit or puppet he is. Also so typically Liberal and NDP is the idea that you kick start the economy by “investing” in government social programs. You do NOT invest in government social programs, but you sure can waste a huge amount of tax dollars by throwing yet more money at them, to say nothing of creating even more of them such as national child care. At least Murphy did a better job of interviewing than what we normally see – what kind of shampoo do you use.

    • Not only that, he is not much of an orator. A gifted speaker could have slept through any interview and still give serviceable answers to reporter’s questions.

      • Clausewitz

        Trudeau would be in over his head at a grade three debate.

    • Regina Ridley

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  • barryjr

    Please correct me but the only way I know of governments raising money is by raising or creating new taxes. Oh I got it he’s being coy, a Liberal government will sell the Censorship Bureau of Canada that’ll bring in 50 bucks or so.

    • kkruger71

      The question asked was “are there more taxes in mind?”, to which he said no, but he is being advised by the same team as McGuinty and his health “it’s not a tax” premium. Just more playing the name game here.
      And I wish some of these journalists would hold Trudeau and Mulcair’s feet to the fire a bit about slamming Harper for running deficits when it was their parties that basically forced his hand on the giant “stimulus packages” early on, lest they topple the minority government. Also, if that was such a great idea that Trudeau wants to do it again, then why does Harper have the worst growth record in 80 years according to Trudeau’s claim in this video?

  • David Murrell

    Steve Murphy, in his evening news show, is simply one more insufferable liberal — so as a Maritimer I never watch him. But when he quizzes federal candidates, he is on top form.

    When he quizzed Stephane Dion, and single-handedly damaged Dion’s campaign (eight years ago?), few people remember that the establishment pro-Liberal media hammered Murphy, after the interview, for posing his questions using difficult verbal tenses.

    And here, what is happened, is that, yes, Justin blew his interview, responding to Murphy’s questions in dumb ways. So that did the establishment media cartel do? They killed the story. I did not know about this half-assed interview until it was posted on BCF. Looking on the CTV web page:

    it is buried deep inside of the web site. So even CTV, a slavishly pro-Liberal outlet, knows enough to bury the story. The fix is in.