Hunger in Toronto is a tale of two cities – The Liberal-Left Downtown vs. The Burbs #elxn42

Hunger in Toronto is a tale of two cities

Toronto’s hungry are on the move.

Food bank use in the city’s inner suburbs — Scarborough, North York, York and Etobicoke — has spiked 45 per cent since the 2008 recession with a corresponding 16 per cent drop in the old city of Toronto, according to the Daily Bread Food Bank’s annual Who’s Hungry report.

Spiralling rents and Toronto’s downtown condo boom are pushing the poor — and many food banks themselves — into the suburbs where transit and social services are sparse, says the report subtitled “A tale of two cities,” being released Monday


I refer to downtown Toronto as the Apartheid Annex.

The majority of the city’s “Priority Neighborhoods” are found in the the pre-amalgamation boroughs of North York, Scarborough, East York, York and Etobicoke.

“Priority Neighborhoods” are just a euphemism for areas that contain the city’s large social housing projects. They serve as nothing more than drug fueled warehouses of the permanent underclass and as an opportunity for the political and chattering classes to make the occasional public display of their “solidarity with the down trodden”… blah blah blah.

The map below is a rough screen grab of pre-amalgamation “Old Toronto’s” borders. “Blue Dots” indicate where the white folks live.

Red Dots don’t  mean “Injun Country”, it’s where the Brown folk live, and where most of our priority neighborhoods are located.

Follow the link here and view an expanded version of the full map incorporating the entire city.

Note that the old city of Toronto, the one that desperately wishes for de-amalgamation is predominately white and Liberal-Left.

It is the natural habitat of the Liberal party.

I confess to smile at the thought of the LPC being surrounded by the people they most wish to be “de-amalgamated” from. The Liberal-Left love immigrants and refugees, so long as they live out of sight.

Blue dots is white folks

  • jayme

    In Ottawa the left will go to food banks in muslim heavy areas such as South Keys/Riverside South/Orleans and demand we need to help these people yet you never see these left nut jobs in areas that have a heave white population.

    • I bet they don’t hang out in Muslim enclaves.

      • jayme

        You will never see them in areas such as Britannia which is nothing more then a muslim ghetto.

  • Martin B

    Urban snots have always sneered at suburbia, now they get to ruin it by infesting it with the unassimilated hordes.

    • That seems to be the plan.

    • El Martyachi

      Unassimilated hordes seem like the only hope of smashing up the urban snots.

    • Clausewitz

      They sneer even more at rural folk, you know the people who keep them fed. Sometime I long for the downfall of our society just so I can sit back and watch the mass extinction of the Urban Elite.

  • Clink9

    Eventually when the whites want to leave for Muskoka for the weekend, it will look like Escape From New York driving through the burbs.

  • DMB

    The people who operate these food banks are nothing more than poverty pimps. In Hamilton for example there is a group called neighbour 2 neighbour that wants to open up a food bank on the mountain. The Hamilton mountain economically is predominantly middle class with pockets of social housing as well as wealthy neighbourhoods. Despite the fact there is an abundance of grocery stores there as well as easy access to local farmers that will allow people to pick their own food at very inexpensive prices this non for profit agency not only wants $1.1 million from taxpayers to operate this food bank in its first year alone but will allow anyone of ANY INCOME to access its services at NO COST. So someone making a lucrative income in the public sector can access free groceries there along with someone collecting welfare. Taxpayers should not be funding groups who are directly competing with the private sector. They also have said they want to teach people how to grow their own food rather then teaching poor people how to finance a budget were they can clip coupons and price shop between different grocery stores using there flyers (since the schools are too busy teaching deviant sex instead of personal finance). If they were a properly operated charity they could have at least charge a fee for people who could afford to buy there food so they could fund themselves rather than continually go to the taxpayers for funding. This is nothing more than poverty pimps profiting from the poor and taxpayers by creating a Venezuelan model of grocery shopping.

    • Mal

      Too right, DMB. I have never given the Daily Bread operation a single crumb since they bitched that the seniors at a community centre in the north end weren’t donating much more than oatmeal, rice, pot noodles and mac & cheese. In other words, the very things the seniors could afford to give and were happy to participate with.
      Never again.

    • El Martyachi

      It’s effectively a parallel economic system.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      it’s Canada.
      How are you supposed to grow your own food in the winter?
      And people who use food banks likely live in apartments and probably lack the storage space for proper canning.

      • jayme

        But that is part of the issue food banks are not meant for that so when people see 50% use it they say see people are really in need.

  • andycanuck

    I stopped reading the “article” (that sounded oddly like an opinion column) after four column-inches when the first person they quoted about being “hungry” was identified as having mental problems.

    And all of these Red Star “articles” pretend that using a food bank = starvation just like they pretend that everyone on the government housing waiting list must be homeless!

  • andycanuck

    BTW, if they’re all literally starving, how come so many of our welfare poor are fat?

  • moraywatson

    ‘The Liberal-Left love immigrants and refugees, so long as they live out of sight.’
    Immigrants, wind turbines, gas plants. Same difference.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I prefer a sale of two titties.

  • Edubeat

    White people in Toronto: Who woulda thunk it possible