Hispanics All Across America Demonstrate Their Patriotism By Announcing That They “Are All Mexican”


Emilio Estefan was watching the news during the summer and was increasingly saddened by the racist and xenophobic rhetoric he kept hearing on television about Mexicans and immigrants.

It was those hateful and “not positive things” about Hispanics that motivated the Cuban-American music producer to write “We’re All Mexican” – a raucous anthem celebrating the love that many immigrants have of living in the United States.  [they seem to like the welfare more than they like the English language]

“We have so many problems, and they are talking about Mexicans being rapists and killing people. That wasn’t right,” Estefan told Fox News Latino ahead of the song’s release on Monday. “We love this country. We don’t take things for granted.”

He said the song is about the “love affair” immigrants have with the United States.

“It’s not about Donald Trump. It’s not about politics,” Estefan added.

For the single, the 19-time Grammy winning producer brought together some of the biggest Latino recording artists including wife, Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Pitbull, Wisin, Thalia, Taboo from the Black-Eyed Peas, Carlos Vives, Jencarlos Cancela, Rita Moreno, Pepe Aguilar and others.

“[The song] is to inspire Latinos and to show people that we love this country,” Estefan told FNL. “Thirty-five singers in the song, all celebrating American diversity.”

Yes, let’s all celebrate child sexual abuse, drunk driving, identity theft, a willful ignorance of the English language, excessive welfare utilization, and an unwed teen pregnancy rate higher than Blacks.

Oh yeah, don’t forget the food!