Electrical Problems…

electric catOur Condo is having a scheduled power outage. From 9 am to Noon.

Evidently power surges from the main hydro feed have fried a few circuits.

I will be around, but unable to work on that damn report.

Boo Hoo.

There will be posts!

Update: How typical.

This is the 2nd time this switch of the switch has been scheduled.

The first time they arrived on site and decamped a couple of hours later having realized they were not properly set up to manage the change-over.

So far today’s scheduled outage of 9 am hasn’t happened. I understand Hydro is on site.

It is a fairly big disruption to people’s lives.

K has to make arrangements to work out of the house.

I have be around to stay with Mum, as we will have no elevator service during the never happened yet as promised disruption.