Why GOP Congressional Leaders Support the Iran Deal in Fact — Follow the Money

Why on earth would Republicans do that?” That is a question I’ve been asked at least a dozen times since illustrating that the GOP has played a cynical game in connection with President Obama’s Iran deal.

“Follow the money” is a common answer to questions about political motivation. It may not explain everything in this case, but it is certainly relevant.

  • So – it was greed on the Republican side, too, that made possible the Iran deal. The Dems, the Europeans, all were greedy for this market, and to hell with not only morals but also with future security. Money talks the loudest.

    • A two term limit, and no corporate political contributions would dramatically reduce this problem.

      May the next president (non-career politician) change this unholy system.

      • barryjr

        In Canada I would like to see all political donations banned except for a $100 personal donation with no tax deductions. That way you would only get donations from real people who believe in what they donate. No corporations, unions, churches, lobby groups or PACs allowed to donate and any politician caught bending this is disqualified.

        • Blacksmith

          AMEN! I would like to see the same down here.

      • Blacksmith

        I love the idea of term limits and restricting donations. Let teh people have a voice again.

  • lgeubank

    All the Republican castrati are afraid some liberal media outlet might say something mean about them. They’re completely whipped; they’ve “gone native” through lack of spine.

    So they convince themselves that Obama’s idiotic false dichotomy, “allow Iran’s nukes or we must go to war,” is valid. Congressional invertebrates succumb to Mussolini for Moron’s sucker bait every time.

  • barryjr

    I really think it was just a case of boner and the bitch doing what their boss, Obama told them to do like good little toadies.