Pulling Our Strings and Poking Us in the Eyes: The Ahmed Mohamed Fairy Tale

There can be no doubt that Americans are fortunate enough to be governed by a brilliantly conceived Constitution drafted by remarkable, intelligent men. Unfortunately, too many Americans are utterly ignorant of what it contains and how it impacts on their lives. Voter ignorance on this and so much else contributes to the ease with which the media manipulates public opinion into believing things which are not so. In this they play into the hands of a childishly narcissistic president who despises the values upon which our country was based, a man who repeatedly pokes our allies and us in the eyes to show that he can deeply offend without penalty.

  • Alain

    Sadly it is the same here in Canada and in the UK. The dumbing down of the people by replacing real education with neo-marxist indoctrination has been quiet successful. The post WW II generations (I suggest post WW I for the UK) were cheated out of learning their own history, and the result is not promising.

    • It is disheartening.

    • Petrilla

      Cheated out of our history, I could not agree more.

  • Tom Forsythe

    His defenders are playing the “why are you picking on a kid” card, and the “why are you obsessing about this” card. In other words, they are busted.

  • dagawker

    Look everyone I invented a clock that looks like a bomb. Lol
    A how to video

  • Petrilla

    America hating Muslim family with a history, kid buys radio 1980s clock, puts in pencil case with wires hanging out,he admits so it doesn’t look like a bomb. Wants to be arrested so people will hate Islam. Blah blah blah., just to see how cops would handle it. teacher did right. if I saw that blinking mess of wires I’d call cops. MAIN STREAM MEDIA,so stupid,so far behind the times, no wonder WE Are all quitting you. But the Biggest stooge and dope of all who went for the Muslim thing first was Barrack Hussein Obama, hook line and sinker. Nice clockAhmed. No it was a very stupid old Radio Shack clock,meant to get attention for a poor little Muslim kid, son of a radical father, ho loves these dry runs. Nice try Obama, if you had a kid he would look just like Ahmed and I am sure you would like this particular piece of junk by your bed. Stupid is as stupid does and the President does seem to lean more to supporting the stupid. or am I wrong?

    • Blacksmith

      Spot on!

  • chuck_2012

    A stunt that made the kid a dupe who could not answer as to what the project was.

  • No Sudanese has ever invented anything of any use to the world, period.