NDP candidate made to tow Mulcair’s line on citizenship ceremony desecration by masked cultists #elxn42

A Quebec NDP candidate who proposed reopening the Constitution to revisit freedom of religion in order to rule on the question of niqabs now says his comments were ill-considered and “contradictory.”

In a written statement issued Saturday morning through an NDP spokesperson, Megantic-L’Erable candidate Jean-Francois Delisle said his remarks were “ill-considered and contradictory and do not reflect my priorities or those of the party.”

Meanwhile…  78% say “no” to burkas during citizenship oath


  • Martin B

    Good work, Mad Tom, keep chasing the Muzz vote and shitting on Canada.

  • Gary

    She not even a Citizen yet and causes this much trouble.
    Just wait for the real lawfare like Omar Khadr and Maher Arar where we CAN’T deport her no matter how many times to ties up the Courts to get Sharia Law in Canada.
    Sheema Khan tried to get it in 2005 and got rejected, but knowing these islamists they will just push push push until they are the majority and then IMPOSE it even though they now object to canada laws being imposed on them.

    The real issue is letting her type in the Country.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Now with 20,000 more of he same religion to arrive , they might ask the courts , to appoint a Muslim judge and special mosque , for their citizenship ceremony.

    • Alain

      Yes indeed that is disgusting, but the NDP or Liberals would greatly increase that number in the blink of an eye. Unless you can point out a party that will end all further Muslim invasion, then the wise thing would be to choose the least of the three evils.

      • Maurixio Garciasanchez

        The 3 parties are willing to make that happen , the country is not ready for that invasion yet , we have few months to see and decide what will be the best to defended ourselves .

    • It isn’t a religion.

  • Blacksmith

    In related news 22% are pisslamist invaders or their sympathizers.