MI5 to pay British Muslims up to £2,000 a crack to rat out fellow cult members

MI5 is paying British Muslims up to £2,000 to spy on mosques in a bid to avert terror attacks, it has been claimed.

The intelligence agency is allegedly recruiting individuals to work on temporary assignments in cities including London and Manchester, sources from within the Muslim community said.

The counter-terrorism initiative is believed to be targeting specific individuals, with informants gathering information over a series of weeks.

  • What a bunch of PC BS.

    The authorities know the mosques are a centerpoint for the dissemination of Islamic hatred.

    Quit being so f*cking stupid.

    Close the mosques.

    Arrest the mullahs.

    That’s a good start.

    • tom_billesley

      Surveillance is so much easier without the roof and walls.

  • ed

    4 million muslims in the uk whom I shall report ,which means I am owed £ 8 billion pounds

  • k1962

    And they will go for it. Palestinians do.