Desperate Migrants Hunger Strike Demand: 2000 Euros Per Month Pocket Money

20 people in St. Kanzian in “hunger strike” because they do not get € 2,000 net per month

NB Google Translate: Austria – Klagenfurt (OTS) – “The refugee crisis has many faces Apart from the distress of many, unfortunately there are also some who believe that they can take advantage of the welcoming culture to enforce outrageous claims”, shall notify the chairman of the Carinthian Freedom Party LR Mag. Christian Ragger with , He makes reference to a recent operation in St. Kanzian. 20 asylum seekers were here on Tuesday on a hunger strike, because they no passports were handed out, but, as provided for by law, foreigners cards, and because they do not get 2,000 euros net per month pocket money. The bizarre thing is that this “striking” asylum additionally wanted to hold a press briefing. You obviously have assumed that they could prevail through relevant reports in the media their demands.