Desperate Migrants Hunger Strike Demand: 2000 Euros Per Month Pocket Money

20 people in St. Kanzian in “hunger strike” because they do not get € 2,000 net per month

NB Google Translate: Austria – Klagenfurt (OTS) – “The refugee crisis has many faces Apart from the distress of many, unfortunately there are also some who believe that they can take advantage of the welcoming culture to enforce outrageous claims”, shall notify the chairman of the Carinthian Freedom Party LR Mag. Christian Ragger with , He makes reference to a recent operation in St. Kanzian. 20 asylum seekers were here on Tuesday on a hunger strike, because they no passports were handed out, but, as provided for by law, foreigners cards, and because they do not get 2,000 euros net per month pocket money. The bizarre thing is that this “striking” asylum additionally wanted to hold a press briefing. You obviously have assumed that they could prevail through relevant reports in the media their demands.

  • BillyHW


  • Dana Garcia

    No surprise here. Muslims regard government benefits from infidel taxpayers as their right as superior choppers.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I predict in 2 years Europe gives up and rips the doors off, 50 million flood in demand welfare and burn down the continent.

  • marty_p

    The Syrian migrant/refugee theme song:

  • Bernie

    Let’s see…. 2,000 Euros per month times 30,000 refugees = 6,000,000 per month or 72,000,000 per year just pocket money. The rest of their living expenses could = double or triple that for housing etc for a total of 250,000,000 Euros per year. Where is this money going to come from?

  • Clausewitz

    So you say you’re going on a hunger strike if you don’t get your way? Good, then we can save even more money on food.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As P.T. Barnum would say, there’s a European humanitarian born every minute.

  • Petrilla

    There is an interesting commenter on breitbart London who claims to have spent a lot of time in Europe and the US. He says he is now at O kctoberfest where the powers that be have SPECIAL trains for Muslim migrants so they don’t run in to normal Germans, you know big busted girls, drunk German men and lots of beer, beer, beer. 500 special security cops to make sure they don’t meet. I see tears here! He claims that these so called migrants are free to go anywhere and they do, harassing German girls etc. The story that got me was that several so called migrants walk into a supermarket and take what they want. ????His best was when his cousin called him from an upscale store and said when a bunch of them went in, took all the clothing and walked out without paying, THE STORE told security to let them go. ????How is this possible? Afraid for their own head dripping blood to the accompaniment of Allah u Akbar? I suppose this is why you see these very happy so called refugees in the above picture. The streets are indeed paved with gold. The Hungarian PM, Victor Orban, my new man hero, has said another one hundred million are headed to Europe. Who would doubt it if these above thieves are allowed to get away with this. Not to mention the filth and the literal crap they leave behind. Disgusting, who would want these unciviled morons as their next door neighbour? These are all of our new neighbours and I for one had nothing to do with them being anywhere near me. Legal immigration and integrating, fine, not this disgusting chaos and I do blame Merkel and the EU.

  • Christopher

    Leftists who created this problem should the bills. No tax dollars for that.

  • Stephenbenstephen

    You are posting an article from what appears to be a neonazi site.
    If you look at the comments under the original story, they are mostly about jews controlling the world.