UK: Shoppers threaten to boycott Asda supermarket which ONLY sells halal meat on hot counter

Furious shoppers have set up a Facebook page calling for the public to stop buying groceries at the Asda supermarket until it agrees to sell non-halal chickens, ribs, bacon joints and sausages again.

Meat sold on the store’s rotisserie stand is now killed in the Islamic tradition, which directs that animals must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and all blood drained from the carcass.

Furious shopper Eileen Glover, 63, who launched the campaign after the supermarket opened in Barking, east London, described it as “outrageous”.

She said: “I am so angry as a British consumer, who has shopped and lived in Barking all my life, that my choice as a consumer has been compromised.

“I do not agree with the slaughtering process of halal meat, and the fact this has happened in a British store is outrageous.