UK: MI5 and anti-terrorism police are monitoring more than 3,000 Muslims

The scale of the domestic threat was revealed after Andrew Parker became yesterday (Thursday) the first MI5 director-general in the agency’s 106-year history to give a live broadcast interview. Intelligence officials had foiled six plots in the past year, he said, calling on internet giants to help in the fight.

Mr Parker told BBC Radio 4: “Most of the people who try to become involved in terrorism in this country are people who were born and brought up here, have come through our education system, and have nonetheless concluded that the country — their home country and the country of their birth — is their enemy.”

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      • lolwut?

        Not working for me.

    • Martin B

      The BBC article on Andrew Parker, which covers much the same ground, is here:

  • simus1

    You can raise a two legged inbred animal among humans, even get hollow leftist humans to “teach” it the nostrums of the day that are to its great advantage.
    But in the end all you have is an inbred animal with raging contempt for those who presumed they now have some inkling about what makes it tick.

    • Seneca III

      A pig born in a stable is still a pig. It never was and never can a horse.

  • Ed

    When mosquitoes are pouring in to your house, you don’t just “monitor” them. You shut the damn door.

    • disqusW6sf

      And get rid of those that have already entered your house.

  • Dana Garcia

    Islams don’t assimilate; they invade.

  • ed

    heard the interview , lib-tards excuse for the wannabe jihadis , lack of education [ free in the uk ] lack of jobs [ 3 million eu workers in the uk ] depression [ we all get pished of sometimes ] low esteem [ not in most peoples cases ] and the elephant in the room ” mental illness ” their favorate excuse – none of the above applied to the London tube bombers

  • Xavier

    Where were these citizens exposed to teachings that led them to conclude “their home country and the country of their birth — is their enemy.”

    That’s another one of them thar rhe-tor-ic-al questions.

  • Millie_Woods

    The 3000 number is probably false, I’m almost positive the number is much higher than that. Western governments are notorious for downplaying real threats and cranking up the alarm for imaginary hobgoblins like global warming.

    Not even mentioned is the millions more who aren’t being monitored for terrorism but are working to non-stop to marginalize the the host society, fracture the political, legal and education systems, impose sharia law and instill fear into anyone objecting to any of this.

    Andrew Parker is just another government talking head instructed by the establishment to make sure the population stays ignorant of the extent of the problem.

    • Xavier

      And that line about “Most of the people who try to become involved in terrorism”… how many effing qualifiers and weasel words in that sentence? They’re trying to divert attention from the immigrant invasion threat. Lying bastards.

    • ed

      2.8 million muslim men of fighting already in the uk

  • Clink9
    • mauser 98

      if kid was white ,parents and kid would be in the slammer

  • mauser 98

    3000? …short about 10 million or more

  • Sweet_binky

    I think they left a couple of zeros off that number.