Sculpture with burned Bible, Torah, and Qur’an banned from competition

ATLANTA — An Atlanta artist is frustrated after his sculpture about 9/11 was turned down from a national competition for being too controversial.

  • BillyHW

    If it was just the Torah and Bible it would have been allowed.

    • Millie_Woods

      Beat me to it.

      And everyone knows it’s true

    • Gary

      It’s too bad all these devout muslims bothered by this weren’t this outrage on 9/11 when those ” criminals” hijacked islam to attack the WTC towers that had a few mini-mosques in them with qurans for the muslim employees.

      But that’s the key to it, first the hamas-linked CAIR comes out to deny the 19 muslims were muslims. Then comes the tacit approval ( we still see it today ) to support the terrorism for allah’s cause by their silence over the damaged mosques and defaced/burned qurans in the WTC towers.

      I watch for what muslims or Imams DON’T say when they denounce islamic inspired terrorism. It took CAIR about three years to finally admit the 9/11 terrorist WERE muslims by the overt evidence , but then CAIR had a fall-back position to say they weren’t TRUE muslims.
      This year when we saw the failed Garland Jihad by 2 muslims that wanted to slaughter those ta the draw muhammed exhibit , Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR finally tied jihad terrorism to islam when he said that they were peaceful but Provoked to jihad to defend muhammed as a muslims.

      It took 14 years for CAIR to show the true face of islam and their support for the revenge jihad in the quran by putting the blame for Garland on Pam Geller for “provoking” muslims( Translation: Don’t piss off muslims by not submitting to Blasphemy laws) .

  • infedel

    terror works —no free speech for us–unless we fight; as this is stupid.

    • k1992

      Ban islam? No: fight it, oppose it, speak out against it. But don’t ban it. If we play the progressive game of trying to shut down speech we don’t like or agree with, we risk this being turned against us in the future. As long as they don’t directly call for violence, then they should be allowed to speak; but those who oppose them must be allowed also – and they MUST do it.

      It is tempting to say that if we are unwilling to fight for freedom, then we do not merit it…..

      • infedel

        No — islam is a special case– 1400 years of rape and pillage and erasing cultures. Ban it like nazism.; as islam is a totalitarian doctrine of conquest and world domination.

  • Xavier

    In Canada they are trying to institute blasphemy laws.
    In the U.S. there is no need – we have de facto self imposed blasphemy laws already.