Muslim who threatened staff on flight from Egypt to UK because they had run out of halal food is ordered to pay £1,400

They should have shown him the door.

  • ed

    pakis smuggle 90% of the heroin into the uk that’s why over 15,000 muslims are now in uk jails , Sikh/hindu 876 . jews 120 , buddists 18

  • AlanUK

    He also had a conviction for being a member of a drugs gang. Why was he even coming back to this country?
    Seriously, IF he had pre-ordered a halal meal he might have had a case but he can resolve that by suing the airline later for breach of contract or making a fuss when he arrived at Brummie airport. My GUESS is he might not have bothered or wanted to make a case to demonstrate that he was part of a superior culture and the stewardesses had to submit themselves to him and meet his whims.

  • Blacksmith

    I REALLY wish they had shown him the door.