Muslim Following The Prophet Mohammed’s Example Arrested By Toronto Police

Mohamed Abdullahi, followed Prophet Mohammed's example and Molested 9 year old

Mohamed Abdullahi, followed Prophet Mohammed’s example and Molested 9 year old

A 34-year-old man police call a leader in Regent Park’s Somali community is charged with sexually assaulting a child.

Toronto Police say the man was arrested Aug. 29 in relation to an alleged incident at the home of a 9-year-old.


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  • Mal
  • ontario john

    Proof that the police are islamophobic. It is part of muslim tradition to have sex with children and goats. Where is Trudeau and Mulcair when you need them.

    • Mal

      Or should that be goatophileophobe?

    • bob e

      having sex with children & goats ..

  • mobuyus

    Shoot convicted chomos.

    • Blacksmith

      in the scrotum and let them bleed out.

  • k1992

    “Muslim Following The Prophet Mohammed’s Example Arrested By Toronto Police”.

    Because he didn’t first get engaged to her when she was 6, then it would have been ok according to Mo.

  • ed

    the sharia allows muslim men to have ” rubbing or thighing ” sex with pre-pubescent girls [ you can always check this disgusting edict is correct ]

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    I’m sure those 5,000 Muslims are asking the government for a new mosque when they arrived here , the mosques they already have , is not enough space for the newcomers , when this current government will say , that’s it no more of them ? The Cons are part of the team , that is allowing them over here , Shame on them .

    • David

      Jackass doesn’t begin to describe you.

  • AlanUK

    Regent’s Park??

    Ah. There must be one in Toronto as well.

    Mind you, ours has a mosque as well …

    • Gary

      Muslims have taken over Regent Park’s rec centre and imposed sharia law to dictate to Canadians when they can use the pool.
      They are about 65% of the population and City Hall knows it for the votes and so does Justin and the NDP.

  • Gary

    We’re lucky to hear this in the News because i have no doubt the muslim rape gangs or more muslim rapes by their men were covered up as we saw in the UK.
    Just wait until the Hijab Cops get trained and get to go to this 9-1-1 calls and tell the child to shut-up and take it because Aiasha was 9 when muhammed raped her and HE was 54 at the time.
    In 2005 , Sheema Khan from CAIR tried to get this barbaric Sharia law in Canada that would have allowed child-bride pedophilia in the future since muslims are never happy with just SOME sharia law .

  • bob e

    they all follow the prophets example .. that’s the deal ..

    so sickening . they are now entering the western world 10
    thousand at a time. our goose is cooked ..