Hungary accuses Croatia of ‘people smuggling’ as migrant crisis deepens

Hungary was racing to seal its southern border on Saturday after accusing Croatia of “people smuggling” as the neighbouring country chose to bus thousands of migrants to the frontier.

The Hungarian authorities tried to prevent Croatia from funnelling migrants onto its territory by erecting the first 25 miles of a razor wire fence along the boundary between the two countries.

  • ellake

    Yes, it seems that Croatia moves migrants to Hungarian border. Yesterday (or was it the day before) 40 armed Croatian policemen escorted train with about 1000 migrants through the border with Hungary.
    Hungary, obviously, was furious.
    I am not surprised, Hungary is doing everything to follow the law, and other countries accuse them of not following the law.
    BTW A lot of people in Slovakia and Poland are grateful to Hungary for trying to keep the law and for following the EU law. .

  • Blacksmith

    A quick glance at the picture and from right to left of the first 10 people in that line 8 or 9 are jihadi aged males.