Usual race-baiters feign horror at Harper’s “Old Stock” comment #elxn42

The Horror! The Horror!

The liberal left are desperate. so desperate they play the only card they have, the worn out race card.

Old Stock isn’t a racist term, those who claim it is are racists.

  • David Murrell

    Other than the slavishly pro-Liberal CBC News, the Globe and Mail also published a semi-literate attack, in an op-ed piece, attacking Harper for using the “old stock” term. I would provide a link, but the essay is so bad, so stupid, why bother? The fix is in…

  • Cat-astrophe

    I am, therefore I’m racist…that what some French philosopher said, isn’t it?

  • Clear Thinker

    My family built this country, my friend’s family discovered this country. We did not the welfare net into the welfare hammock. Old Stock, all the way, and dont forget about old stock and pur laine francais!

  • Chris
    • Chris

      This applies if mulcair wins. We will all be damned

    • andycanuck

      Cool. I recall the folk tale behind the label too from one of those NFB animated shorts.

  • DD_Austin

    We used have good beer, not this watered down crap we have now

    Same goes for population

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  • andycanuck

    Yeah, because Democrat KKK buzz-words from 50 years ago are so common in contemporary Canadian usage.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Trudeau, Mulcair, the ‘liberal’ press and their hordes of followers had to find something with which to criticize Harper the only statesman of the trio.

    Trudeau. rich little rich boy, with his constant ill mannered, noisy, boorish, infantile interruptions and his repetitive recitals of the liberal solution to all woes, ‘borrow money and then spend it.’ with no thought about repaying the loan, would turn Canada into another Greece.

    Mournful Mulcair, also an annoying interrupter, who kept averting his eyes from the camera and the audience, with his negative approach to everything would follow the disastrous patterns of past NDP provincial governments. He has learned nothing from the tawdry history of his party.

    The moderator could have controlled the the programme had he wished, but he is, after all, a liberal member of the liberal press gang.

  • Frances

    Apparently the term has been used before in Canadian politics, by both Justin Trudeau (2007) and Stephane Dion.