Uh huh… Asian sex crime victims suffer more than whites says Judge

Not those Asians…

Jamal Mohammed Raheem-ul-Nasir

Not “Asian” as is commonly understood.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Hmm, That is quite a sweeping generalization, the kind that can only be backed up with experience. Lots of it. Not just the behind the bench judging cases experience…..

  • Ed

    By implication, the Rotherham gang should have received very light sentences?

  • ed

    they will get free hymen repair on the NHS .cancer sufferers get to the back of the line

  • eMan14

    I have no problem in giving the guy a harsh sentence, but to suggest that white or other non “Asians” feel less violated, less shamed, less traumatized… is ludicrous.

    • Frances

      It’s not that the other victims feel less violated, etc., it’s that community to which these particular victims belong is into “blaming the victim” so these girls are no longer seen as desirable potential wives for the men of this community. Seems the young girls should be grateful they weren’t taken out and stoned for their transgressions.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    They are Asians until they leave to join ISIS. Then they become British.