Things That Get Megyn Kelly’s Blood Flowing…

First of all this is a ‘picked, packed, and stacked’ audience that will 9 times out of 10 say whatever the producers want them to say. Notice the at least two Muslims planted in that audience who get called upon for comment and voice their outrage at such a question. Now, why the heck would a Muslims care if a Christian was being called a Muslim, and they suspected it as well, but also didn’t want it to become a source of speculation, you know, for the good of Islam. I’d think they would be ecstatic that America had its firs Muslim president, yet they act in a way I would not expect.

It seems that not even Fox’s own hand picked audiences are not willing to stay on the reservation anymore, and will occasionally go off-script and never come back.

Megyn’s whole attitude strikes me as very odd and more than a bit suspicious, especially the part where Megyn Kelly emphatically states that McCain “settled that question” back in 2008. Just as the global warming hucksters scream that “the science is settled” (when it is not) but also that Obama’s Muslim question was settled a long time ago. It also is not.

  • Clinton

    Say this president isn’t muslim– in what way would he
    be behaving differently if he was? If it walks like a duck,
    and quacks like a duck, but says it isn’t a duck, it really doesn’t
    make much difference what it calls itself.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Megyn Crowley is a hack who screwed her way to where she is.

  • Clink9

    Funny how even Megyn believes being called moose limb is an insult.

  • glasnost

    McCain was responding to an assertion that Obama “is an Arab”.

    Trump was answering a question relating to “the problem with Muslims” his answer did not make reference to Obama.

    Megyn is attempting to spin the issue, and not everyone is buying it. They are fed-up with political correctness.

    BTW McCain’s political correctness was a loser, Donald’s approach so far is a winner.

  • Tokenn

    Has anybody asked an imam what they think? Would it be quite reasonable to assume that the son of a Muslim father who lived for a while in a Muslim country and attended madrassa for a while would be regarded as anything but a Muslim?

  • Chatillon

    Full disclosure: I voted for Obama in 2008. The reason for doing so was based upon my frustration with the GOP in general and the McCain-Palin ticket in particular. My thinking at he time was along the lines of “Well, Obama can’t do any worse than the GOP has done for the past eight years in defending this country.”

    How very wrong I was. But the unanswered question is: Where are the pressure points that the ordinary person can organize around to influence their own government. It sure ain’t the “elections.” The candidates are bought and traded long before the primaries are complete. The media are also more than likely just propaganda arms for their various owners. So where do we, the Joe Averages, push back in order to preserve our democracy?

    • Xavier

      We have to starve the GOP. It won’t die all at once but as it withers a Conservative party will fill the void. It may mean not voting, or *gasp* voting Democrat to hasten the process.

      But in the final analysis, what do we have to lose? Our elected officials ignore us and betray the values they were elected on. What’s the worst that could happen? Liberals in charge?

  • Clausewitz

    Obama is such a special little Snowflake, that I must have missed the law that was passed making it mandatory for everyone to protect him from any dissenting opinions. They could have called it the, “Thin skinned, save an asshole”, bill.

  • irishrus

    re Kelly’s last commentor who she thanked….that a president must serve all citizens

    Whenever a politician must serve/represent all camps Christians, families and kids all get the shit end of that stick?