“The Future Belongs to People Like Ahmed”

This “teachable moment” is brought to you by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg…

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  • Doo Da Daze
  • Chatillon

    Has anyone considered the drain on resources that even these “innocent mistakes” inflict? We do not have infinite resources. The enemy knows this. Consequently, any demand, any “mistake,” any wrangling after the “mistake” with the help of activist lawyers for apologies, reparations, all of it, ends up as an increasing burden upon the infidel taxpayer.

    It takes little enough talent to spread mischief in the land. It’s time that appropriate justice be meted out for doing so.

    • Inserting bombs in common devices does take a special skill.

      Does Mr. Zuckerberg admire THAT?!

  • Clausewitz

    That was just a dry run. Now that the precedent has been set, expect a bunch of little Moe’s to bring their “Clocks” to school one day with devastating effect.

  • Oracle9

    A kid chews a twinkie into a gun and the swat team is called. A muslim kid brings an IED detonator to school and if anyone complains they’re called islamophobes.

    At least the teacher and the cops exercised due diligence. Too bad the “president” of the US can’t understand what just happened here.