SJW Virtue-Signallers Whine About Movie that Belittles Virtue-Signallers

Horror director Eli Roth has had enough with the “vitrue-signalling” Social Justice Warriors who whine about oppressed peoples while remaining ignorant themselves

  • Dana Garcia

    Film looks liek big diverse fun.

  • Petey the First

    Multiculturalism. Enjoy the varied and diverse new restaurants and food dishes – white meat! I’ve never tasted white meat before! Hmmm, tastes just like lemur.

  • G

    I’m going to go to this movie and deliberately sit behind some university students and very loudly and obnoxiously laugh my ass off at inappropriate parts of the movie.
    When the enviro-bimbos get eaten would be a fine time for a loud root beer belch.

  • Reader

    I suspect the brilliant Social Justice Warriors think this is a literal description of the worst horrors of the Amazon river.