North Korea’s Gulags: The Real Problem from Hell

There was huge optimism within the human rights community when President Obama took office. Among human rights activists, there was sheer and utter contempt for George W. Bush and his challenge to conventional wisdom on everything ranging from transformative diplomacy to posture toward the Palestinian Authority to the use of force to counter terrorism.

  • To be fair, Bush did remove North Korea from the terrorism sponsorship list. Obama does not care but that is no surprise coming from him.

    Sooner or later, there will be a large-scale humanitarian crisis on the Korean Peninsula. The South Koreans will be unwilling to deal with it. People need to prepare now.

  • China will probably end up having to bail them out.

    Considering the fact that there won’t be any jihadis, the North Korean migrants will be expensive to restore to health, but they aren’t likely to be a security risk.

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    • It is said that North Koreans need dental and then psychological care the most. Three guesses why.

      Nevertheless, they would be cheaper and better in the long run. They will adapt and add to the country, unlike some niqb-wearing twits.