No Go Zones and The European Migration Crisis

Germany’s Chief of Police has just stated that ‘no-go’ areas have resulted in major crimes not being investigated as the power of the state is completely out of the picture.” Bernhard Witthaut, Chief Police Commissioner of Germany made the comments which were reported in Der Spiegel.[1] The comments appear in direct contraction to those of Chancellor Merkel, who says Germany will accept some 500,000 more migrants per year for several years with no problems. Germany has also been dealing the phenomena of ‘Sharia Police’ [2] who attempt to control neighbourhoods which they describe as Sharia Zones.[3]

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  • Given that unassimiable populations have already proven themselves to be more trouble than they are worth, why bring more in?

    Is there a possibility to oust Merkel?

    • It makes no sense other than as the French refer to it “The Great Replacement”.

      More and more I believe mass immigration is all about providing a pool of cheap labour for corporations and as a means of ginning up a contrived demand for housing and other commodities etc.

      Our lives are being put at risk, our society trashed all in the name of “economic growth”.

      • Exile1981

        I had a long conversation with so low info voters earlier tonight. It was very enlightening. I know we call them low info but i was surprised by how low these two had gone.

      • Dana Garcia

        What’s doubly crazy is that Europe is going automation as fast as anywhere. Business must want spare workers or something. It really makes no sense.

        • Because it’s cheap and it allows skilled repairmen a chance to use their talents.

      • The Germans are in for a surprise if they think that the more restive of the human race will work for a living.

  • Ed

    When liberal elites wave off the entire enlightenment tradition as a bunch of dead white guy stuff, what fills the void afterwards is predictably violent and chaotic.

  • Merkel and other Euro fools, just won’t admit multiculturalism is a total failure.

    They would rather let Europe flush itself down the drain than admit they were incorrect.

    Typical leftists.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    There have been no-go zones in France for quite a few years. Will the Germans and other Europeans never learn?