Just like Japan in the 90s, China’s success story is over

China is unlikely to completely collapse. Yet the Chinese success story of the past quarter-century is over, just like the Japanese miracle ended abruptly in the 1990s. And as the economy slows, domestic oppression instensifies…

  • Cat-astrophe

    There you have it folks. Consumerism in the west brought them to their knees, just like we did Japan.
    Try to flood OUR markets with cheap goods, will ya? Well we will suck them up and you will build more and more…then we will change suppliers.
    Oop’s, sorry. You didn’t see that coming?

  • Hktony

    What is it with this anti-china crap. America and the rest of the world buy from china because they make profit but somehow china is the bad guy. If it does slow down that is a reflection that the west is fucked. China is probably big enough to survive but the west continues to commit suicide by liberals and muzzies. I guess that is china’s fault. Global warming china’s fault. Blacks killing blacks and policemen china’s fault. If you hate china stop buying iphones and shirts, trousers, automotive parts, pans, plates …….
    Surely the destruction of america by the muslim marxist and europe flood with hateful muzzies isnt enough. You need to have a fall guy very much like muzzies have the jews. I am not chinese but why the hate for china??? What about the shit in south aftica or the loony mugabe, the killing by boko haram the rapes of thousands of children around the world by muzzies.