It’s Not Too Late to Save Syria

The Syria refugee crisis continues to get worse and worse. Already some 4 million people have left the country, and that figure continues to grow. The Washington Post quoted one Syrian as saying, “Everyone I know is leaving. It is as though all of Syria is emptying.”

The impact of this mass population movement is being felt not only in neighboring states but also in Europe and even in the United States, which is now dealing with the challenging of providing safe haven for hundreds of thousands of refugees, knowing full well that ISIS could use this outflow to smuggle its operatives into Western countries.

  • pdxnag

    Let Syria be colonized by non-Muslim Westerners fleeing marauding Muslim invaders. Call it a right of return for Christians, if there are any left alive today.

    Apply the same multigenerational test as is today applied for the phantom collection of Arabs conveniently labeled (today at least) as Palestinians.

  • Fran800

    It really isn’t too late. But “we” (i.e. the West) have got to stop believing in the Arab Spring. We have got to stop funding moderate democracy-loving Syrian rebels — there aren’t any. I call them the unicorn brigade. They just melt into one of the other of the rebel groups who fight each other but mainly Assad. That’s because they are Islamist. Notice how in Egypt the new president is arresting the Muslim Brotherhood. Any sane people in the Middle East know these people are dangerous; they can’t be any partners in a new wonderful democracy.

    We have to stop trying to “defeat Assad”. Our enemies are ALL the rebels, and it follows obviously that we should support him. The Assad dynasty has long protected the minorities in Syria, whose welfare is supposed to concern us. Notice how there don’t seem to be any minorities in the refugee invasion of Europe. Not a Christian or Yazidi in sight. The only acceptable path is to support Assad in fight ALL the rebels, who are terrorists. As he says in the video, some rebel groups have already become disillusioned with their cause and are now fighting alongside the Syrian army. If we help him offer a convincing chance of winning, there could be others. Notice also, Russia is not only helping Assad with military equipment and advice, they are also continuously reaching out to the West to offer cooperation. We have to stop listening to the vicious cabal in the American White House that is pushing regime change everywhere — the same bunch that started the war in Ukraine. Notice I’m not saying all Muslims are nice, or make peace, not war. Just recognize where our interests as well as humanitarian considerations lie.

    BTW notice at the end of the video, Assad fingers are “ally” Erdogan as a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer. This guy, Erdogan, is a really nasty piece of work. He is to a large extent responsible for the refugee crisis in Europe now. The Turks have been funnelling “refugees” to Greece for years. They have a huge army, a huge coast guard and lots of police, but they have winked at the people-smugglers. Turkey is also bombing the Kurds, who are supposed to be on our side. Notice also Assad’s remark about Saudi Arabia, our other “ally”. There is nothing democracy loving about those people, and anyway they are right now bombing Yemen and reducing it to rubble.

    • Millie_Woods

      Agreed, Obama doesn’t want to ‘save’ Syria any more than he wanted to ‘save’ Libya or ‘save’ Iraq by pulling out the troops. He appears to be bent on creating as much havoc and chaos as possible, civilian casualties be damned. He’s a wrecker, an orphan and widow maker. What’s going on in the Middle East right now is a crime against humanity. Plus it has the all-too-intended consequence of making muslims hate America more than they ever did. It will take decades, if ever, to undo the damage caused by this POS.

  • Fran800

    I just read an article that says it best about Russia and Syria. Patrick Buchanan, a Paleocon, not a Neocon, and that makes all the difference.