Infiltrating the #BlackLivesMatter Cult

It is wrong to think of the Black Lives Matter movement as merely a movement, a racist insurgency that embraces violent attacks on police and white Americans.

It is so much more.

It’s a Marxist, anti-American, revolutionary cult whose members aim to unleash a reign of terror on American society.

  • Cat-astrophe

    I would agree if some one said that this is the methodology used to start the uprisings in Egypt, Ukraine, Syria, etc. Exploit an easily led portion of the population until it finally boils over.
    Then, unleash the four horsemen on the population at large.
    You can bet your bottom dollar on that one…..

    • Fran800

      Right on!. I liked the way you joined those 3 countries. The putsch in Ukraine is part of the same regime-change movement as the Arab Spring.
      Ever heard of Gene Sharpe? A favourite of the regime changers.

      • Fran800

        I forgot to mention that the blurb says this book “From Dictatorship to Democracy” is “Surreptitiously handed out amongst youth uprisings the world over.”

  • pdxnag

    Don’t the AP rules (ha ha) require that #OnlyBlackLivesMatter be substituted everywhere for #BlackLivesMatter?

  • The Toronto Star promotes the same type of anti-white racism (unfortunately, commenting is not allowed):