Beware the coming revolution by those who are mad as hell

The talking heads on TV are discussing why Donald Trump has been so successful in his campaign for the presidency, claiming his supporters are low information voters, somewhat pathetic in their beliefs and just do not understand why such a large group of people would not be totally satisfied with the current situation in America.

These suits have obviously never been outside their studios to talk with regular American people. Where I live and where most Americans live, the people are just simply mad As hell. About what? Here’s a list and it’s certainly not complete:

Immigrants are flooding the country, and 56 percent of these households are on welfare (USA Today 9/24) for which taxpayers are being fleeced by the politicians.

Thirty percent of native born Americans are on welfare (same article, same fleecing).

Black lives matter, but not police lives, or white lives. Just black lives. How absurd is this position. Who will protect you if you kill the police? The gangs?