Wynne, Trudeau ‘ideological soulmates’ #elxn42

Federal and Ontario Liberal leaders share a love of red ink, the Stephen Harper Conservatives say.

“Kathleen Wynne and Justin are ideological soulmates,” Conservative Party spokesperson Stephen Lecce said Wednesday. “In addition to Justin’s endorsement of Wynne’s huge payroll tax increases, they both favour massive, out-of-control deficit spending and green-schemes that cause the price of electricity to skyrocket.”

  • Icebow

    Olympic-standard disgustingness.

  • Fran800

    And they’re both hard-core social “liberals” (although i don’t see anything liberal in supporting abortion up to the point of partial birth, assisted suicide (as opposed to pulling the plug, which is legal now), tranny bathroom bills and promotion of “gender fluidity” theories to little kids, supervised injection sites for drug addicts, mass Third World immigration and promotion of the most obnoxious of Muslim customs, such as face veiling. And above all, the malignant totalitarian Human Rights Commissions. But the Conservative won’t offer us even throw us a bone on any of these issues, so they hammer away on the balancing-the-budget issue endlessly. It seems to me that the kind of fiscal responsibility they endorse goes hand in hand with some of the societal norms we had in the past. Utterly selfish people don’t care much about fiscal responsibility.

  • mauser 98

    i hope all the Syrian medical , financial tourists / terrorists they want to import poop on Pony & Premier Strapons front lawn

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