Will the migrants integrate?

Danish research: Syrians least likely to get a job, Muslim refugees “most criminal”

  • Blacksmith

    What they don’t want to become a part of a free western society? Say it isn’t so…….

  • ed

    uk prison report 2013-2014 to the department of justice , 3 buddists , 22 jews , 856 combined Sikh/hindu 14,455 muslims

    • Raymond Cameron

      Remove all weapons from mosques and transform them in prisons…

  • Hard Little Machine

    No of course they won’t but that’s the plan. Create a generation of dependent welfare sucking angry people who will be motivated to riot on cue every time the left needs something from the opposition.

  • Dana Garcia

    Have Muslims ever assimilated?

    Plus a large immigrant tribe is able to set up its own balkanized community within the nation where many don’t even learn the language, e.g. Cuban Miami, Mexican Los Angeles, Dearbornistan.

    • Minicapt

      Yes, Saudi Arabia and such.


  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    They already integrated to conquer the West , their Sharia law is already been set , now the politicians are allowing them to invade the whole EU and North America.