Republican presidential debate: Donald Trump clashes with rivals who round on him in fiery encounter

Trump clashes with Jeb Bush while Carly Fiorina makes strong showing, reaction and analysis

  • Xavier

    “Secretariat.” Now that’s just good: modesty and a zinger at T. Rump too. I’m starting to like Carly.

    • Clausewitz

      Well she did show us how to make a small fortune in IT. First she started with a large fortune and then bought and destroyed Compaq.

  • Gary

    Jeb Bush is running Ads in Spanish while he also defended illegals by claiming that some crimes are okay if they have good intentions .

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      Good for him the 50 million latinos Americans can decide who the next president could be in the US.

      • Clink9

        It worked so well in Mexico they’ve decided to leave by the millions. Seems intelligent.

        • Maurixio Garciasanchez

          It looks that you haven’t get the whole info yet , latinos in the US are 63 million 11 of the with illegal status the rest US citizens .

          • Clink9

            Oh, I get it. They F’ed up one country.

            Now they want to do it again.

          • Maurixio Garciasanchez

            Most of them live in the 4 states the US took away from them so they already been there for centuries.

      • Gary

        Great , than Americans can flood Mexico as refugees and lets those 50 million turn the USA into another hell -hole they came from once there are no more taxpayers to fund welfare and free lawyers from prison.

        • Maurixio Garciasanchez

          Too bad most of the 52 million they came from their ancestors who live over there when the US invade and stole 4 states from Mexico .

  • Ron MacDonald

    I think it is going to be all downhill for Trump, he won’t get the nomination. The voters will eventually get tired of personal insults and hearing the following: “the people love me”; “I’m going to get things done”; “I’m the best negotiator|; “I am going to make American great again”; “I know the Chinese. I’ve made a lot of money with the Chinese”; “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured”; “I’ll win the Latino vote because I’ll create jobs” ect. Tump lack substance, so did Obama and the American have paid dearly. The can’t afford anothe showman.

    • Xavier

      Trump is useful because he’s bringing up issues, primarily immigration, that the GOP and media would prefer not to discuss. The GOP, Dems, and media all want to destroy Trump but I can’t understand why. He’s basically a big government democrat. I suppose it’s because he wouldn’t be beholden to the big money donors and wouldn’t be under anyone’s influence.

      • Minicapt

        Trump does real estate in Manhattan, who all is he beholden to?


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    • Clink9

      Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers.

  • SDMatt

    Trump made me laugh on the first question when instead of answering to his calling Fiorina ugly, he looked at Paul and asked why the one percenter was there. But not a good night for him, perhaps just OK.

    ¡Jeb! had a better night but not good enough. Plus: no more Bushes.

    Cruz to me looks like a caricature of a Jimmy Swaggart kind of guy and therefore unfortunately unelectable by many Americans. I also didn’t like the canned speeches; I prefer off the cuff honesty. Same for Christie.

    Rubio has huge ears and sweated a lot. Not that that matters but nothing much else he said held my attention.

    Paul is somewhat interesting but unelectable.

    Carson is measured and thoughtful. I quite like him although I think he could improve if he occasionally got firey. Good vice prez potential – you could trot this guy out to make calm well-though out speeches on the administration’s positions.

    A commenter over at SDA nailed it for me with respect to Huckaby: he has “the appearance as though he’s from a bygone era and no one was much interested in what he might have to say.”

    Fiorina was very good. Unfairly to her and all women she comes off as a bit beeyotchy but you can easily imagine her making credible forceful speeches as Prez. But she doesn’t get my vote because she fired Americans and brought in H-1B visa holders to take their jobs.

    Someone should mention that ¡Jeb!’s wife of 40 years doesn’t speak much English and so they speak Spanish at home. So she’s assimilated him. And he wants to shut the border with Mexico – not a guy I’d be looking to to do the job.

  • Dana Garcia

    JEB! apparently read the study that the tallest candidate often wins and stood on his tippy toes for the group picture.

    • The Butterfly

      What a buffoon.

  • CoolTolerance

    Trump won the debate by a landslide – all polls. I agree, he won.

  • New Centurion

    I thought Fiorina won with Rubio a close second. Donald, as always, provided the entertainment. He really didn’t come into his own until the second half and scored a few points. Rubio certainly had the best line of the night when it came to the bullshit topic of climate change, “America is not a planet” . Ted Cruz was smooth and polished, a good communicator. I would love to see Dr. Carson in the White House. He is genuine, principled and compassionate, not afraid to tell it like it is. He doesn’t come off as slick as the others and that may hurt him. Trump’s numbers will start to dip. He’s stuck it to the establishment: mission accomplished. I give him props for saying what everyone else thinks, however he’s too much of a loose cannon and he has too much baggage to be nominated.