Playing games with the Pan Am budget

They developed their Pan Am Games budget on the back of a napkin and now it appears what they actually spent has been concocted on that napkin too.

It’s been a little more than a month since the Pan Am and Parapan Am Games ended and as if by magic, the Kathleen Wynne government already knows TO2015, and her government, not only delivered the games on budget, but they even have a surplus.


Wynne is a liar and a thief.

  • Gary

    Who is she fooling , the numbers were padded and items were switched into a different category to show-up on the Annual Budget for the Province which we will never know unless some insider puts Canada first and leaks it to the media.

    • Cheryl

      Completely agree and yet the people of Ontario sit by and we do nothing. I have called my Liberal MPP in city and asked him to ask Wynne to step down before there is nothing left of Ontario and her response was nothing. I wonder how much salary the MPPs get that this is all they can say. Ontario where I was born used to be an amazing place but now has gone the way of a third world country. Shame on the government that is supposed to look after Canadians who made this country prosper.

      • Gary

        I complained to the Liberal under McGuinty about how some of the Child-abuse laws are not being enforced on one of the Minority groups allowed to break the laws that protect children .
        They said they would look into it and never got back to me as if i was some malcontent.
        But now that a Lesbian is in charge it makes sense now for the Ben Levin homoerotic sex-ed guide to introduce little boys to the man2man sex which will create more AIDS cases in about 14 years .

        Ontario is now a pedophile/pervert friendly Province where the Police now refuse to enforce the federal Laws from 2013 under Wynne’s reign of terror.
        No wonder they used to be put in mental institutes.

  • Achmed

    You are only lying about the Pan Am Games as a means of going after their CEO Saäd Rafi you Islamophobes!

    • DMB

      Q. If Iran/Hezbollah who are Shiite Muslims go to war with ISIS who are Sunni Muslims like what they are doing in Syria (which is essentially a proxy war between them) then which side is the Islamophobe?

  • WalterBannon

    Wynne is a liar and a thief.

    Everyone in the country should be repeating that. To her face.

  • Edubeat

    Premiwer Strap-On: Wow is that thingy she’s holding in the pic used for other purposes