Open Borders? Meet national Identity

The dramas of fences and quotas and agonising personal stories now playing out in different parts of Europe and along other international borders raise existential questions at the heart of human identity. Do national and cultural identities exist? If so, how to defend them if they come under challenge?

Let’s look at another question. Do the lights in your home go on or off when you flick a switch? Yes, there’s electricity. But that electricity supply (and the fact that your house has a switch) comes from the fact of a reliable and identifiable legal order.

Everything you see around you has been invented and created somewhere in the world thanks to myriad contracts enforceable under local laws and supporting international agreements.

  • David

    in Germany are demanding that the Munich City Council cancel the city’s
    Oktoberfest, the festival during which alcohol–specifically beer–flows non-stop
    and fall is celebrated. And German law enforcement authorities are worried that
    Muslims could foment and perpetrate an attack on Oktoberfest, so they are
    taking the petition seriously and beefing up security. But Germany’s dhimmi
    leaders are apologizing to Muslims in advance. German leader apologizing to
    Muslims for Oktoberfest? HUH?

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      You right they just arrived over there and want to interfere whit people’s local entertainment culture .

  • A nation is a group of people bound together by common beliefs and values. Muslim beliefs and values are incompatible with Western beliefs and values. Muslim immigrants know it and they have no intention to learn and adapt to their host countries. They intend to take over those countries and impose their beliefs and values on locals. There’s no ifs or buts about it.