‘No stranger to media attention’: Meet #IStandWithAhmed’s father, an activist who twice ran for President of Sudan

Nothing is ever as it seems…

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  • G

    What was his campaign slogan? “A bone for every nose?”

  • andycanuck

    Daddy also has ties to CAIR that, oddly enough, went into ape-shit mode almost immediately after the kid was charged with making a phoney bomb. (That is a criminal offence in Texas.)

  • Doo Da Daze

    I was wondering how long it would be till these folks weighed in LOL http://thepeoplescube.com/peoples-blog/mohamed-builds-a-clock-t16968.html

  • I’m sure this was all a coincidence.

    • andycanuck

      Yes, and that he decided to plug in the clock in English class and it “accidentally” began beeping that got the teacher’s attention.

  • Frances

    Interesting. Back in the day, grew up in the Kootenays when the Sons of Freedom were doing their thing. Despite being pacifist, they were setting bombs off in public locations (as aside from their women, who did an early “femen” at the John Diefenbaker rally in Trail) which could have seriously hurt or injured people. They blew the pillow display at Eaton’s, Trail (fortunately after hours). They tried to shove a bomb down the mail chute at the Trail post office (which would have injured the night workers then). They tried to blow up the Cominco Arena but that was discovered. They set fire to a lot of other Doukobor villages to “purify” them (in those days, a traditional village was a pair of two-story homes and out-building, but those burned out lost everything just the same). Finally, they blew up the power line running across Kootenay Lake to the Riondel Mine and the east shore. Fortunately, the guard who was checking the line did not see the bomb; indications were he would not have survived had he tried to shut it down. As it was, there was a serious power outage on the east side of the lake. Fortunately, the mine was not running a “graveyard” shift as it ran underneath the lake and depended on that power line to keep the pumps going. Wasn’t just the mine shut down: all other industrial activity ground to a halt until the line could be restored.

    Fortunately for all concerned, the only way across from the East Kootenays to the West Kootenays was the Balfour ferry. The RCMP took control: only men with extremely pregnant wifes were allowed to cross, and they were escorted to Nelson Hospital. Frustrated miners, foresters, and mill workers were left behind to seethe.

    And then I went off to the coast for post-secondary studies. Remember Grand Forks: they were also the targets of the Sons of Freedom; their men stood armed guard outside the community centre. Then ended up in the dorms, and a debate as to how hard done by the Doukhobors were. Needless to say, said debate was led by those who were safely away from the bombs. All those of us from the interior could say was “you weren’t there, you have no clue”. They didn’t hear.

  • andycanuck

    And more information coming out, here from an Ace of Spades HQ commenter:

    Also in today’s news, a few more tidbits about Mohammed the microelectronics genius, who is still being referred to as “an engineering student” by the idiotic technologically illiterate press, despite his being a _14 year old high school freshman_.

    What Mo did is quite apparent now to have been merely gutting an off the shelf manufactured digital alarm clock, and stuffing the internals of it into a different case. Mo now refers to this as his “invention”, which the idiotic technologically illiterate press have gargled, swallowed whole and then repeatedly regurgitated. That’s about as clever an “invention” as hitting yourself in the head with a rock.

    Meanwhile, the Irving TX police _strongly_ dispute all of the contentions by Mo and his father (said father being a noisy “Islamic rights” activist of course), saying that Mo and father are claiming things were said and done during Mo’s police interrogation that never actually happened.

    But, due to privacy laws, the police can’t release the interrogation transcripts to prove their side of things unless the family officially assent to it, and, guess what? The family are refusing to let them do so.

    Organized agitprop from the get-go. Just like the Muslim woman and her carefully orchestrated Twitter/Facebook freakout about supposedly being denied a can of soda on an airplane.
    Posted by: torquewrench at September 18, 2015 10:18 AM