Niqab decision exposes deep divide between average Canadians and the nation’s elite #elxn42

Canada’s ruling elites are showing their disdain for centuries of legal and cultural tradition by allowing Muslim women to take the oath of citizenship with their faces covered.

  • Waffle

    When they cut out the Lord’s Prayer and God Save the Queen, that was the beginning of that slippery slope.

    • Gary

      But thanks to Wynne , McLiar and Barbara Hall we have mosques in two Public schools even when the quran hatred is spewed about kills gays as a favour to allah.

      • Waffle

        We were pretty far down the slippery slope by the time we were blessed with the mosqueterias. Killing a culture starts by taking a little bit at a time and before you know it, whoosh! the whole damn thing falls down. Democracy is a delicate balancing act. It just takes a little push here and a little tug there to upset it.

        • andycanuck

          “Canada Post” replacing the “Royal Mail”. BTW, there were no strikes ever when it was the Royal Mail.

          • Alain

            How true.

          • Gary

            I was in a Post Office and wanted to buy a Dinky toy version of the mail truck from the 1930’s .
            I questioned why I remembered from the early 1960’s that the trucks and Boxes were red and Blue while this Toy was red and white with french on it.
            The clerk insisted it was always that colour.

            Maybe the plan is to pay people so much money that they will agree that Sun goes around the earth if it keeps them their job in the Government.

        • David Murrell

          Waffle, there is so much wisdom in what you say here. You should epand on this point in future posts.

  • HRT

    a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.

    When these judges do not fit the definition, why pump their egos by describing them as something they are not? Try: unworldly buffoons.

  • ontario john

    So if some old nazi shows up at the ceremony wearing his old S.S. uniform, would that be allowed? Same belief system as islam.

    • Alain

      At least his or her face would not be masked.

    • David Murrell

      Certainly not. Only nazi-niqabs alliwed. This is our Canada today.

  • jayme

    A Ottawa school has banned jeans with rips it caused a protest 4 squad cars showed up one was arrested but the interesting thing is the left says the school was right yet Harper is wrong how does this make any sense.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    The Muslims already have political power here and their Sharia law is already on the justice system .

  • moraywatson

    Our Judeo-Christian ancestors made the bargain to remove themselves from the political arena in exchange for the state removing itself from the religious arena. Now we have been sold out on that bargain, by judges and politicians who pander to the bogus “religion” of islam which is prima facie an ideology DOMINATED by its totalitarian politics and ambitions.

    Appeasement of islams muslim supremacists by the apparatus of the state is BETRAYAL.

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      You are correct.

  • Alain

    Actually I find that this is even worse than wearing a mask. How did she meet the requirements for citizenship when she makes it clear she has only contempt for her host country, its laws, culture and values? She also makes her intent clear to impose an alien culture and belief system which is totally incompatible with those of her host country and its citizens. Acquiring Canadian citizenship through naturalisation is NOT an entitlement or right; it is or should be a well earned privilege. This woman has disqualified herself from becoming a citizen of my country.

    • Petrilla

      Agreed. But that Ontario has three unelected judges who have said they want her to vote in the October election is egregious. How dare they? PM Harper is correct in pursuing this slap in the face to Canadians to its nth degree. And then some. As a commenter wrote on another site, watching these women in black bags made all shoppers in a mall feel scared and uncomfortable, this is what the Libs and NDP want if anyone is mad enough to vote for them. May I say we have many Mennonites in our town who arrive in horse and buggy. They are properly humble and sweet, share words with us at the checkout, wear old fashioned clothes and never cover their faces. We respect them and they respect us. We are happy to buy their pies and produce when it is offered. We live happily together, but does an Islamic woman in a burka walking 6 steps behind her husband or any male relative equate to this in any way? I think not.

  • Cheryl

    People call the PMs’ office and leave your message that he gets your vote if he stops immigration and refugees. I have been calling and leaving the same message for over 1 month telling his office that and told him to take a poll of the Canadians that have been here for generations to see how we feel about this burka thing. My response in the poll would be to tell these sick people to get back to their own country. What is wrong with Canadians here and I don’t mean the foreigners who weren’t born here, I mean the people whose ancestors who fought for this country.

  • David Murrell

    Good essay by Mr. Lilley. BCF posted two consecutive posts by Sun and Rebel media on this, two media with few adherents. It will be interesting to see if the anti-Conservative media –with their huge audiences play this up during this election. Harper should play this up, but he has poor-quality advisors whow don’t realize this is a winning issue. He could gain traction, should he do this.

    Btw, didn’t the Conservatives say they were going to appeal the pro-Nazi-niqab ruling? Shows you how the media don’t want to discuss this, given it could help Harper.