Muslim terrorist shot dead after Berlin attack on policewoman

A known Islamic extremist has been shot dead by police in Berlin after he stabbed and seriously wounded a woman officer in an apparent terror attack.

The assailant has been identified as Rafik Y., a 41-year-old Iraqi citizen who had already served a prison sentence in Germany for his part in a 2004 terror plot.

  • Alain

    And the reason he had not already been deported is what again?

    • Must be Merkel’s boyfriend

      • So, her son – she is the mother of all Muslim “refugees”.

    • V10_Rob

      Get rid of him? Guys like this create dozens of jobs!

      – Security personnel to arrest and imprison him
      – Medical technicians to patch up his victims
      – Funerary businesses to bury those that don’t make it
      – Social services to council the traumatized
      – Social services to validate his pyschosis
      – Diversity specialists to blame native Germans
      – Media whores to assure the public this is an isolated freak tragedy without explanation

      Oh yes, Merkel’s crazy. Crazy like a fox. This is just one guy, imagine the economic output a million Syrians will generate.

    • Minicapt

      European Union rules on keeping people free and happy.


    • tom_billesley

      The 2004 terrorist bomb plot was to assassinate a former Iraqi PM
      There was concern he’d be awarded a death penalty if he were sent back to Iraq on his release in 2013.

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      They couldn’t he was an a follower of of the most sacred religion of peace on earth .

  • john700

    Ya, let’s bring more people like him to Germany, says stupid Merkel.

    • Just open the floodgates

      • Frances

        Haven’t checked with German relatives, but don’t think they’ll be supportive, given they’re finances aren’t great.

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      The same words the Harper team said if they get reelected.

  • BillyHW

    Muslim immigration is immoral. If you favour it, then you will spend eternity in hell for your sin after your death.

  • Rosenmops

    That’s one batshit crazy inbred goat molester less to worry about. But even as I type this 100 more take his place.

    • k1962

      Yeah, they’re trying to march to Germany as we type…but have fortunately run into a road block named Hungary!

    • David Murrell

      If one is confronted by a crazed, rabid dog, one shoots it dead.

  • lolwut?

    If Merkel had a son.

    • Petrilla

      Many people asking where Merkel was today. She was accepting an award with Queen Rania of Jordan who, can you believe it, threatened the west with more Isis if we didn’t take more migrants. Queen Rania. Of Jordan,wonder how she got to be queen, eh. She threatened the west, why didn’t she go after Saudis Arabia which has pristine tents, but only for the Hajj. How dare the so called queen of Jordan tell the west WE will create more terrorist if we don’t take migrants. How DARE SHE? How DARE’MERKEL stand beside her and agree.? Queen as it were Rania, you have taken many, YOU appeal to all the Muslim countries and leave Christians out of it. Tell Saudi so called kings to put them in the pristine tents for the hajj. Merkel, admit everything you have done is wrong. Make borders mean something and deport all economic migrants. Explain how a daily mail writer bought the passport and drivers licence of a dead Syrian for $4000. And why all these so called refugees throw their real ‘papers overboard. Frau Merkel, I hold you personnaly responsible for this disastrous mess. I hope your voters do too. I fervently hope Canadian voters see the difference between a slow acceptance of who is coming here. Rather than the emotional NDP and Libs OPEN THE FLOODGATES TO EVERYONE.

  • Petrilla

    How is the police officer he stabbed, I hope she will recover. I am glad he is dead. Frau Merkel has a lot to answer for, since she and she alone has browbeaten the EU into taking 500,000 and opening the doors to Germany, but also all European countries. Cameron was warned by Lebanon that 2/10 will be ISIS. IS has said they ware sending 500,000 to Europe. So, many are there, many are coming. PM Harper has said Canada will take 10,000 but only from UN refugee camps. Mulcair and Trudeau want Canada doors wide open. Watch the videos of these very nasty people yelling Allah Akbar, throwing water and food back cause it isn’t halal, leaving their shit behind. I mean human shit wherever they go, hiring a few woman and babies to face Hungarian water guns and tear gas. Human shields. Ecactly what they do in. Gaza.By the way you did know the father of the dead baby was a people smuggler, did’nt you? That story was a lie. It fooled every western media. Could you please be smarter next time you see a heartrending picture like that. It seems they picked up that poor little body several times to get just the right one to melt your hearts. I wonder how the media all got it on the same day. Don’t be fooled again. Europe is done for, w#tch them trying to stop the invasion which it is. We Canadians do not have to fall for it. The Conservatives have sensibly said we will take 10000 over 5 years, once we know who they are. Mulcair and Truce want them in by the thousands. I know who I am voting for. I sure hope you think with your head before you vote.

    • John

      I’ve read that as of Thursday night she was out of danger.

  • Captain America

    Butt, butt they say they are nothing but poor helpless refugees. spit.

  • Today a mere Muslim, tomorrow a sudden Jihadist.

    • tom_billesley

      .. the next day a good muslim, the unfortunate victim of western foreign policy

  • Gary

    So much for Sheema khan using the CBC to tell us that it’s a “FEW” bad apples spoiling the peaceful image of islam and the peaceful quran that teaches them to love the unbelievers .
    Con-job Khan from CAIR tried to hide the fact that the whole Damn Orchard built by muhammed is poisoned to the point that 6,000,000,000 non-muslims are at risk for being killed by its fruit.

    Just a retro News flash update.

    Maher Arar came from Syria and glob trotted to some of the current hot beds for civil war and muslims terrorism.
    He may have fooled the NDP and brain dead Liberals at the CBC , but his story of torture in Syria as an innocent muslim vitim of Rendition was full of holes and the Inquiry exposed many damaging facts about the Arar’s pro-hamas/jihad mind set that the CBC and STAR refused to print .
    The CBC had a $1 billion budget and shells out huge bonuses no matter how unproductive some employees are…….don’t tell me that they didn’t have someone watch the CPAC ‘s 4 hours per day coverage of the Arar Inquiry to see what I did.
    The CBC supported Arar’s $400,000,000.00 extortion lawsuit for unproven torture along with Jack Layton’s NDP , yet the CBC now wants more tax dollars as if the $400 million extortion would have exempted them from funding cuts.
    The information I read and saw is why I don’t trust that Journalist with a Canadian passport that just got 3 years in jail for his “Vacation” in Egypt during a civil war and unrest. He used Canada for our passport and has Muslim lawyers in canada drooling over him coming back so they can launch a $500 million extortion suit , that terrorist weasel Omar khadr is now suing us .

    The problem isn’t to bail out muslims over seas quicker , it’s to stop them from coming in util they swear an oath they are the peaceful ones and can be deported if they lie and one day support radical pro-hamas/jihad mosque like Trudeau is now doing .

  • dagawker

    Leave Canadians alone!

  • Barrington Minge

    Mussie, mussie mussie….Dead, dead, dead….!!!!!

  • ed

    the uk MSM buried this important story so deep it showed up in australia

  • simus1

    muslim cretins like this example understand the iron fist in the iron glove. As soon as you get above that level with appeals to reason and logic you have lost their attention and reasoning ability.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Hey, that’s not George Harrison.

    • Censored_EG

      That’s not funny! *smile*

  • Hard Little Machine

    At least the cops are still allowed to carry guns.

  • Islam Is a Crock

    There’s only one thing to say to this Muslim piece of crap: