Harper right to fight the niqab

Never mind that the niqab is an affront to ordinary Canadians. Never mind the fact its wearers deliberately place social barriers between themselves and others.

Never mind the arrogance of niqabis and their supporters, who flaunt their so-called cultural superiority with these shapeless tents.

The niqab is just fine for three judges of the Federal Court of Appeal, who dismissed the Stephen Harper government’s appeal and allowed the niqab’s face veil to be worn at citizenship swearing-in ceremonies.

  • k1962

    Never mind that I was disgusted to see a mother and her young teenaged daughter outfitted in black cloaks with their faces covered while they were out shopping with their owner at Superstore. You could see by the looks on the faces of the other Canadian shoppers of diverse backgrounds that we all were feeling uncomfortable by this display of misogyny while out shopping. It seems to me that these men allow their women folk to mostly go out shopping while accompanied by them. It is not consistent with our values and immigrants who dress like this are not needed here. Stay home and enjoy your brand of Islam there. Don’t want or need you.

    • Petrilla

      I think the point is Islamic triumphalism. We are here and we are Islamic first and foremost, Canada is merely where we live, no real or true love for Canada and fellow Canadians. The message is we are here, we are better and we will stay away from you all and if you Canadians don’t like it, we will find free lawyers to fight you. Which I think they have done very well, eh? My only words of advice. NEVER SUBMIT.

      • k1962


    • G

      Make a point of throwing bacon in the halal food section every time your there.
      I do it every time. Even if I’m just popping in for a carton of milk. I will run over to the meat department and grab some bacon and toss it in with their halal shit and in the fish section. Just to piss them off.

      Awww what’s the matter Achmed? Are you upset? Then get the fuck out of this country!

      • k1962

        I don’t have the courage to do that, but I will give them dirty looks. Anyways, what I find funny is that some Halal meat products are on the other side of the kosher meat and chicken freezer, but they also sometimes have had various cuts of pork next to the Halal meat. The store stocks it that way. Haven’t seen it lately though. I guess some Mo complained.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    When a real law will be set in the justice system over here , covering your face is illegal and is a crime .

  • Minicapt

    Order-in-Council: no face coverings such as the niqab.
    Parliament: review impeachment proceedings against judiciary.


  • Kathy Prendergast

    I wonder what would happen if some new “religion” sprang up that required its adherents to go naked at all times and in all situations, including citizenship ceremonies?

  • Petrilla

    PM Harper is absolutely right. The face and body coverings are tribal, not religious and meant to keep these women and their male relatives apart from Canada and Canadians. Are these the immigrants Canada wants? You know the right way to vote to keep Canada, Canada. Just do it.

  • mauser 98

    see more niqabs in Toronto than i did in Cairo.. whole lotta BS

    • Alain

      How right you are. I recall also travelling through most Muslim countries in the 70s and it was very rare to see this.

  • Bill

    If a niqab-wearing woman is allowed to prevent someone being able to identify her/him by refusing to remove the face covering, then you will get muslims who refuse to adequately identify themselves in every area in life, including legal and security-sensitive situations.

    An example happened five years ago in Australia when a niqab-wearing woman was stopped by police for a driving-related issue. After she refused to remove her niqab to prove she was the person on the photo-licence she held, she filed a police report claiming the policeman assaulted and battered her in an attempt to remove the niqab and enforce compliance. A niqab-wearing woman handed in a statutory declaration alleging this criminal behaviour at a police station three days later, and this was investigated and later dismissed as a result of the police dash cam recording of the whole incident.

    Subsequently, the police charged the woman who complained with filing a false police report, and she was sentenced to six months jail.

    On appeal, she succeeded in getting the judgement overturned with the claim that the police could not prove that the niqab-wearing person who submitted the assault claim at the police station was the woman charged with filing a false report. The person who submitted the claim was not asked to remove their niqab to prove identity against something like a photo drivers licence or passport.

    And so, if you can’t be asked to adequately identify yourself at an event as important as becoming a citizen, then you won’t be required to adequately identify yourself if stopped for a driving offence, and also won’t be required to identify yourself if making a formal complaint to the police, entry into security zones, etc, etc. Without a means to adequately identify a person, expect claims from people similar to the example.

    Witness the documented lack of identity-checking of niqab-wearers in airports in Canada and elsewhere. Where motorcycle helmets are banned in banks – who is going to stop a burka or niqab-clad person?

    If a women can claim that they must have a women validate their identity, or worse still, require a muslim policewoman validate someone’s identity even for a traffic ticket, then expect few police bothering to even stop a niqab wearer for fear that police management will berate them for wasting up to an hour of time for a simple traffic ticket for two police officers. Expect then a desperate recruitment drive to employ muslim policewomen in areas of muslims to enable them to check identity for women wearing niqabs or burkas – up to one per police car. Then the police force will then have a mandatory number of muslims employed, instead of the best police person for the job.

    For all these reasons, this attempt to bend rules to suit other cultures must fail if Canadian society is to function. As the Australian slang went, “Fit in or F*ck Off”.

    For details on this real example, Google muslim convert ‘Carnita Matthews’.