Five Reasons Why Americans are Joining the Islamic State

Over 60 Islamic State linked plots have been foiled so far this year, and Americans have been arrested on terrorism related charges at a rate of about one a week since the ISIS was designated as a terrorist organization.

Arabic news outlet Al-Arabi el-Jadid investigated the trend, and charted five reasons why Americans are joining the Islamic State

h/t Marvin

  • These reasons are difficult to believe.

    Someone agrees to rape children just so that they can belong?

    Forgive me if I think that’s too much.

    • Maurixio Garciasanchez

      You are right miss , that’s part of their tradition (=====from the stone age .

    • African

      Thousands of young people in the Western world are deceived
      into converting this islamic cult of death because. Most of these young people are bored in the materialistic, superficial life that exists in the Western world today and they are looking to find some deeper meaning in life. Unfortunately, Christian churches in the West could have covered this deep spiritual and philosophical needs but these “churches” themselves are secularized and are spiritually bankrupt. In the Eastern Orthodox countries, Christianity is deeper, more spiritual, more mystical and allow profound spiritual and philosophical reflections whereas in the Western Christianity both (Catholics & Protestants) God is confined in a tiny
      rational secular box and Christianity is limited to attending churches on
      Sundays etc. There are no meaningful spiritual monasteries in the Western and the few that exists here are themselves secularized with computers and games and have NO spiritual/philosophical dimensions to them. There are No ascetics in the West, No monastics, No mystics, No Holy seekers of God who move among the masses with their Crosses, icons and relics. There is huge spiritual bankruptcy in the West and until these problems are addressed millions of young people in the West, will either keep converting to islamic death cult and become homicidal jihadists or will try to fill the empty void in their hearts with drugs, sex, satanism, violent gangsterism, perversion and all kinds of other evil

      • These guys do not live for the spiritual but the material which is why they rape, loot and kill. The converts, too, think they will find meaning in a religion they know their dads would hate.

      • Minicapt

        … also the FSB.


  • Martin B

    Of course Islam couldn’t possibly be one of those reasons.

    • Alain

      Bingo! These are Muslims who simply answered the calling to their true faith.

  • Achmed

    The real reason is that western secular governments and their man made laws are an affront to the laws of Allah and so an affront to all real Muslim! Until those government’s recognize the Shari’a as being above any man made law there will continue to be alienation and anger.