Croatia Accepts Massive Number of Refugees

Turn them back, Croatia:

Croatia wavered in its commitment to accept a growing influx of migrants after 5,600 refugees poured into the country in one day, underscoring the massive task facing Europe as people flee war and poverty.

“If migrants continued to arrive in larger numbers, Croatia would have to consider an entirely different approach,” Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said in a statement on Thursday.

But… but… the narrative!

Is there anyone vetting these so-called refugees? Anyone?

Weaker European economies have trouble staying afloat. Now that they have unvetted, unassimiable and most likely unwilling to be productive hordes, what will they do now?

Fifteen thousand Christians were driven from Mosul. Are they now housed in Europe?

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Croatia and Serbia already have their own Muslim communities , they understand one another very well.

    • Ed

      Yep… they do, and they’ll take no shit.

  • Petrilia

    As far as Christians go, NO ONE will take them. When PM Harper asked for only Christians , who integrate quickly into western society, he was taken to court and told he couldn’t. He did try and I admire him for it. Croatia, after one day of welcoming, then realizing they couldn’t possibly deal with the thousands in a day, has had a change of heart. Only Hungary and the Czechs have stated this is a Muslim invasion and Europe will not be Christian anymore. Quite right. The self suicide of Europe is very sad to watch.

    • Unless Christians are taken in and their cause is championed loudly, I maintain that no one should be let in. Western Europe has seen what has happened when unassimiable, unproductive Jew-haters are allowed in. No more.

  • Leonard Jones

    Could not happen to a better bunch of Nazi’s!

    I used to work with the Son in law of the Croatian Nazi
    war Criminal Andreja Artukovic. They still praise the
    architect of the holocaust and their version of the
    Fuhrer (Ante Pavelic).