British universities that give the floor to Muslim extremist speakers to be named and shamed by PM today

David Cameron will today expose some of Britain’s leading universities as havens for Islamist fanatics as he announces a new legal duty for colleges to stop extremists targeting students.

The Prime Minister will name and shame the universities that regularly give platforms to hate preachers who are determined to undermine British values. They include King’s College London as well as Queen Mary University and SOAS.

In total, some 70 events involving Islamist preachers were held on campuses last year.

Mr Cameron will tell colleges they must stop giving fanatics “the oxygen they need to flourish”.

  • tom_billesley

    Universities are not the only British institutions fomenting jihad.

    FEAR of the radicalisation of prisoners has been discovered among staff at nearly all of Britain’s jails, Shipley MP Philip Davies has discovered.
    For months he has sought answers from the Government and now it has revealed that staff at 130 out of 136 prisons have registered concerns about prisoner radicalisation.

  • Censored_EG

    News report: the UK gives the oxygen required for Muslims and Islamists – no semantic differences between the former and latter – to flourish.

    The United Kaliphate becomes more and more Muslim as the weeks go by. Is there really any hope for this once great nation?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Said the PM who oversaw Muslim terrorist Imams who illegally entered the UK, lived illegally off welfare for a decade, preached genocide and the specific murder of Britons and who even then nearly won court cases to stay in Britain for free w/o criminal charge or repercussions.

  • Achmed

    There are no Muslim “extremists”. There are only Muslims and apostates who only claim to follow Islam but are really secular.

  • It is the tip of the iceberg.

    Stop importing them by the millions.

    Admit a problem exists.

    Do something. Anything.

    Stop the cultural suicide. Fools.

  • John

    How brave of the UK’s political elite. After spending the better part of two decades watching this sad parade of islamo-psychopaths traipse through the country’s universities, they’ve finally decided to ‘denounce’…the universities!

    The psychos who give these speeches are left untouched.

  • WalterBannon

    HA. Coming from the destroyer of Britain who wants to import more muslims and has done nothing about muslim rape gangs, that inspires a lot of confidence.