Western European vs. Eastern European Responses to Mass, Unvetted, Muslim Immigration

Eastern Europeans are responding very differently to the mass migration of Muslims into Europe than are Western Europeans. Westerners who encourage mass, unvetted Muslim immigration insist that they are compassionate, tolerant, and ethical. They insist that Eastern Europeans and anyone else who resists immigration are bigots, xenophobes, without compassion and unethical, if not outright Neo-Nazis. Westerners are stereotyping Eastern Europeans as bigoted thugs whose opinions must be demonized, whose choices must be overruled, whose borders must be penetrated and whose demographics must be altered through coercion.

  • Martin B

    Eastern Europeans are standing firm in the face of invading Mohammedans and treacherous EUnuchs. Jan Sobieski would be proud of his descendants.

  • lzzrd

    If I remember correctly, (forgive me if i am wrong, being from the US, history just ain’t in my DNA). Didn’t Eastern Europe, up to and including Poland, at one time or another, live all or in part under Islamic rule? Perhaps they just think, that since they have already seen the movie, they would just as soon pass on a repeat.
    Also, there is some talk down here, that the US should get ready for a really huge influx of refugees in the next 20 yrs or so. This time it will be white European Christians, forced out of their countries. And the Euros say Americans are to stupid to understand the way the world works. Sighs……

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Eastern Europeans did not throw off Russian rule after 45 years only to welcome new colonial masters. The Fourth Reich in Brussels doesn’t get it and doesn’t care.

      • African

        Eastern Europeans need to abandon the spineless transgendered Brussels and reunite with Russia if they want to safe their future generations.

    • David Murrell

      Very good point. I was jut reading on Wiki about the Bulgarian-Turkish war, I think around 1890 or there abouts. Then Turkey ruled much if what is now the Balkans (and Albania and Bosnia are still Muslim). And early on Muslims invaded as far west as Austria.

  • African

    It is because Eastern Europeans have still their cultural and religious spine while
    Western Europeans and North American fags have lost it all and are ripe for colonization.