Turning back refugee boats saves lives – as Australia found out

Most ordinary Australians are shocked that our immensely civilised country is reviled in polite society here and abroad, when the world has so many blatant human rights abusers. The latest accusation comes from a New York Times article complaining that our policies on asylum-seekers are harsh, insensitive, callous and even brutal, and urges European nations not to copy them. Yet the policies on border protection of Tony Abbott and John Howard before him should be a lesson to Britain.

  • Save refugee lives today. Stop mass refugee resettlement into your country.

    Save the future of your indigenous non-Muslim population. Do not allow mass Muslim immigration.

    Islam is a contagious toxic ideology. All it takes is a little bit of Islam, a little bit of time, and you have a mess. Just look at Southern Thailand and …

  • Brett_McS

    This is one of those cases that expose the real purpose of the left lurking behind the compassion theatre smokescreen.