Tories to appeal ruling allowing Muslim burkas in citizenship ceremonies #elxn42

Good news regarding yesterday’s decision letting Muslim women wear burkas while taking the Canadian citizenship oath…

  • Show up with your faces covered on election day.

    • FactsWillOut

      …and when you renew your driver’s licence, and anytime you have any dealings with the government.
      We all know this is only pandering to Muslims, though. The SC wouldn’t dream of giving regular Canadians such rights.

      • They’re signing their own death warrants letting this unassimiable mob in.

  • Alain

    We shall see if our Supremes get it right or try to do their silly stuff. Should they uphold this insulting ruling, the government must invoke the not withstanding clause on this one. The PM would greatly benefit by coming out strongly and in public on this issue, for he would have the support of the majority of Canadians. Force the other three stooges to take a stand also. I expect them to support accepting sharia law here which would cause them a major loss.

    • Concerned Canadian

      Strongly agree. I suspect the liberal bozos on the Supreme Court will side with the muzzies, so Harper better grow a spine!

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    • Gary

      She’s not even a Citizen yet and she’s trouble. Wait until she can’t be deported and the islamic org use her to sue Canada on a regular basis to fund terrorism and dawah.

  • Canadian


    • David Murrell

      Signed, too.

  • Shebel

    I never thought that I would ever agree with that buggy eyed Duceppe— then again , from the look of his supporters— At least they are not let loose on the streets , very often ,anymore.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Duceppe’s grasp of English has never been so ironically delineated.
      He stands on the correct side of an issue but has so much difficulty explaining it.

      • David Murrell

        I disagree. He goes further than Hare in restricting the burka, and I agree with Duceppe and his reasoning.

  • Gary

    It can be a new loop hole by islamist to use their women as suicide bombers exempt from Canada’s laws if caught .
    We don’t know who is behind the Burka or mask , we do know that some muslim students have used this to get someone else to write their Exams for a passing mark because they know that Liberal’s fear the Racists label and don’t dare ask the muslim to remove the face covering.

    One day when a muslima gets caught in the terror plot ( like the To -18 that tried to use truck bombs) and risks being charged with treason…… her muslims weasel lawyer get her bail and then gets her out of Canada to a Nation she can’t be forced out of to return to Canada.
    How???? , well the terrorist muslima denies she was the women that took the Oath for Citizenship and put the onus on Canada to prove it was her. Meanwhile she got a free Education , health care, benefits from the State and other goodie’s as she Demanded them as a Citizen.
    Knowing the SCOC it will take a mass-slaughter by islamists in burka’s for these dolts to catch on that it’s bad thing to allow Death-Cult followers to wear a disguise in public as a Human Right that aids in their terrorism goals.

    Finger prints would solve the problem by the Civil Liberty lawyers
    always go nuts over this form of ID for non-criminals.