This is What Fake Presidential Outrage and A Coordinated Media Effort Looks Like

Ahmed Mohamed clock

I tell you, “the flying imams” just keep getting younger and younger.

A Muslim student builds something that might look like a bomb [I think it kind of does – and that was intentional on his part], brings it to school and gets the cops called on him. His parents are wired into the CAIR noise making machine and so they pick up on the cause and scream “Islamophobia”.

I do have to ask, did Obama ever invite the kid that chewed his Pop-Tart into a facsimile of a pistol and was suspended, or maybe that finger gun kid, to the White House?

No, of course not!

What I find amazing is that all of these news stories are within a couple of hours of each other, and read pretty much the same way and then the “I stand with Mohammed” hash tag nonsense has already taken off. Thanks Hillary [“keep on building“], ya politically tone deaf idiot!

Odd that.